The WNBA and local officials announced during a news conference on Monday that the organization formerly known as the San Antonio Stars has a new name and a new look, the Las Vegas Aces.

Earlier this year, the San Antonio Stars announced that they would be relocating to Sin City, and apparently, a change of name is in order as well. So, welcome to the show the Las Vegas Aces.

Pomp, circumstance, and a little glitter

As with anything in Las Vegas, the new Las Vegas Aces announced their name in style. WNBA President Lisa Borders announced the newest addition to the league to an eager crowd. The look seems to indicate that their colors will be black and red, with a bit of white thrown in there. The Las Vegas Aces will be playing their games in the Mandalay Bay Events Center for the 2018 season.

What’s in a name?

Not a wholly unoriginal name, the Aces have taken their cue from Sin City and one of its biggest industries, gaming. Here’s to hoping that one can bet it all on the home team. Of course, if you bet it all on black or red, you’re pretty safe there too.

There’s already a little push back about the Las Vegas Aces name from the sister city up north, Reno. Their triple-A baseball team, the affiliate to the Arizona Diamondbacks, has prior claim on the name, but, as it’s not at the same professional level as the WNBA team, one might suspect that there can be room for the two Aces. After all, there’s four in a deck.

Reno and Las Vegas already have a semi-friendly rivalry going between the colleges, UNR and UNLV, so it’s no surprise that Reno is a little touchy about their name being co-opted.