UFC On Fox 19; Fight-By-Fight Results

The UFC on Fox 19 brought a pretty interesting car full of good fight matchups. Let’s take a look at how the night ended for those fighters.

UFC On Fox 19

UFC On Fox 19 Welterweight Bout

Omari Akhmedov vs. Eliza Zaleski dos Santos

Round 1 was a tough round to score because even though Akhmedov was able to secure a takedown, both fighters traded submission attempts and were able to use those submission attempts to successfully sweep the opponent.

Round 2 began with dos Santos scoring a knockdown, but Akhmedov was able to recover. Later in the round Akhmedov secured his third takedown of the fight, but does Santos was able to sweep with a leg lock attempt.

In the third round, we saw many wild exchanges with dos Santos getting the better of those exchanges. Akhmedov was fading throughout the round after each flurry of punches. Dan Miragliota, the referee, called a stop to the contest.

Winner: Dos Santos via 3rd Round TKO (Strikes)

UFC On Fox 19 Middleweight Bout

Oluwale Bamgbose vs. Cesar Ferriera

In the first round, both fighters displayed some unorthodox striking techniques. Bamgbose was able to connect with the punch and score a knockdown.  After a flurry of punches and ground-and-pound, Ferriera was able to get back to his feet. Bamgbose punched himself out while trying to get the finish.

In round 2, Ferriera scored a takedown early and remain in the full guard of Bamgbose, raining down punches for nearly the entire round. Third round we saw the fighters being cautious. Ferriera was able to secure a takedown early in the round. Once he was back to his feet, Bamgbose was too exhausted to look for a knockout even though he was clearly losing the fight.

Winner: Cesar Ferriera via Unanimous Decision

UFC On Fox 19 Bantamweight Bout

John Dodson vs. Manvel Gamburyan

Dodson pushed the pace and caught Gamburyan with a punch early in the first round. Dodson then followed it up with a flurry of punches as Gamburyan lost his balance, fell down onto the cage, and the referee put a stop to the fight.

Winner: Dodson via first-round TKO (Strikes)

UFC On Fox 19 Welterweight Bout

Randy Brown vs. Michael Graves

Early in the first round, Graves shot in for a takedown and Brown defended well. Both fighters engaged in a back-and-forth clinch game against the fence. The referee separated the two and Grave then secured his first takedown of the fight. Graves looked to ground-and-pound while in Browns guard. On the other hand, Brown looked to defend and look for submissions.

Early in the second round, Graves was able to secure his second takedown of the fight. During the exchange on the ground, Graves used strikes to take Browns back and secured a rear-naked choke for the victory.

Winner: Michael Graves via 2nd Round Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

UFC On Fox 19 Welterweight Bout

Court McGee vs. Santiago Ponzinibbio

Both fighters were very busy in the first round. They both connected with many significant strikes. Late in the first round, Ponzinibbio was able to catch McGee with his overhand right, knocking him down and swarming him with strikes until Herb Dean stopped the fight.

Winner: Santiago Ponzinibbio by First-Round TKO (Strikes)

UFC On Fox 19 Women’s Bantamweight Bout

Bethe Corriera vs. Raquel Pennington

The first round was mostly just both fighters feeling each other out. Pennington connected with the right hand and pushed the fight to the clinch. After disengaging, Pennington was able to stun Corriera with punches on two separate occasions.

There was some good striking exchanges between both fighters early in the second round. The fight was quickly turning into a brawl and by the end of the second round, this was a full-on brawl. The third round continued to be a brawl, but also had some solid exchanges from both fighters.

The third round ended with both fighters brawling against the fence in the clinch position.

Winner: Raquel Pennington by Split Decision

UFC On Fox 19 Lightweight Bout

Beneil Dariush vs. Michael Chiesa

Early in the first round, Dariush was able to hit two nice combos ending with a chopping leg kick. Dariush was then able to connect with an overhand left hand that nearly dropped Chiesa. At the end of the round, Dariush was able to secure a takedown to finish out the round.

Early in the second round, Chiesa was able to get Dariush to the ground, take his back and attempt a rear-naked choke. After defending the first choke and standing back up, Chiesa still had his back and was able to catch Dariush on the second rear naked choke attempt and secure the submission.

Winner: Michael Chiesa via 2nd Round Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

UFC On Fox 19 Featherweight Bout

Cub Swanson vs. Hacran Dias

To begin the fight, Dias connected on a few strong leg kicks. The first round didn’t see a lot of exchanges. Both fighters just exchanged leg kicks. Early in the second round Swanson stunned Dias with a left hook and dropped him. Swanson followed up the knockdown with a flurry of punches to a grounded Dias while Dias held on to recover. Dias got to his feet and was later knocked down again by a leg kick.

In the third round, there were few exchanges early and then a short delay due to an eye poke. Late in the round, Swanson connected with a beautiful high kick to the head, dropping Dias and unloading a flurry of strikes from the top. Dias recovered, but remained on the bottom towards the end of the round.

Winner: Cub Swanson via Unanimous Decision

UFC On Fox 19 Catchweight Bout

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Darrell Horcher

After a short feel-out process in the first round, both fighters started to really throw some leather. Nurmagomedov went in for a takedown and lifted horcher over his head, slamming him into the ground and securing a mount position. Horcher was able to escape to half guard. Nurmagomedov attempted to ground and pound, but Horcher did a great job of defending himself and not absorbing any significant strikes from the bottom.

Nurmagomedov advanced to side control and rained down elbows on Horcher. Nurmagomedov cut the back of Horchers head during the ground-and-pound session. Horcher then gave up his back and Nurmagomedov secured a full back mount. Nurmagomedov landed more strikes from the top until the end of the round.

Early in the second round, Nurmagomedov secured another takedown by executing a judo throw landing in side control. Nurmagomedov utilized some solid ground and pound on Horcher. Nurmagomedov then secured a mounted crucifix and unloaded more strikes. Horcher took a lot of damage in that mounted crucifix. He happened to escape and gave up his back.

Nurmagomedov executed some more vicious ground-and-pound until the referee stepped in.

Winner: Khabib Nurmagomedov via 2nd Round TKO

UFC On Fox 19 Womens Strawweight Bout

Roses Namajunas vs. Tecia Torres

Both fighters felt each other out early in the first round until Namajunas attacked Torres with a quick flurry. Torres then connected with a hard leg kick which led to both fighters clinching. After that clinched, the fighters clinched again shortly after Namajunas was clipped with the punch. This was then followed by another clinch against the fence towards the end of the first round. Namajunas then took down Torres with a judo throw and both exchange strikes on the ground.

There were some nice flurries early in the second round. Namajunas tagged Torres a few times in the second round almost securing a knockdown. Namajunas attempted a takedown which led to both fighters clinching on the fence. There was a flurry at the end of the second round and both fighters landed many significant strikes.

Namajunas connected with a nice overhand right early in the third round. The third round we saw a pretty even round with both fighters connecting with significant strikes. Namajunas secured a takedown and ended the fight on top while landing strikes.

Winner: Roses Namajunas via Unanimous Decision

UFC On Fox 19 Lightweight Heavyweight Main Event Bout

Rashad Evans vs. Glover Teixeira

Early in the first round, Teixeira was really aggressive pushing forward while Evan stayed on his bicycle. Teixeira cornered Evans against the fence and clipped him with a punch. Teixeira caught Evans with a check hook, dropping him and finishing him early in the first round. It was a highlight real knockout.

Winner: Glover Teixiera via 1st Round KO