UFC 197 Complete Results; Jon Jones is Back

(UFC 197 Complete Results) – UFC 197 was held on Saturday, April 23rd in Las Vegas, Nevada. The card included stars like Anthonty “Showtime” Pettis, flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson and the return of the number one pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC, Jon Jones.

Below we have a quick recap of fights starting from the prelims to the main events from this historic event.


Glaico Franca vs. James Vick (Lightweight)

UFC 197 Complete Results

UFC 197 Complete Results

In his first fight on a pay-per-view event, James Vick was seeking his fifth UFC win. Glaico Franca was putting a halt to that early, landing three early takedowns in the first round, but after an accidental eye poke by Vick, the fight never seemed the same.

In the 2nd round, Vick started destroying Franca with his stand up game. The round was clearly Vick’s, as was the third round. Vick showed excellent boxing skills in the final five minutes, staying away from Franca. Vick was able to land a huge flying knee and a powerful front kick in the final round.

Vick earned an unanimous victory and his 6th straight win in the UFC, 9th straight win overall.

(UFC 197 Complete Results)

#2 Carla Esparza vs. #14 Juliana Lima (Strawweight)

Carla Esparza was able to finally make her return to the octagon. She is one of the strongest contenders in the strawweight division and was the division’s first champion. Esparza put on a dominating performance in round one, getting Lima on the ground early and not letting her up until the bell rang.

The second round was much of the same, with Esparza scoring an early takedown and doing some damage with her ground and pound. In the second round, she was able to land more strikes then she did in the first. The third round was even more of the same, with Esparza landing two more takedowns. Lima was able to reverse her, but she was not able to do anything with it from top position.

Carla Esparza was able to earn the victory in her first fight back from your shoulder injury.

Danny Roberts vs. Dominique Steele (Welterweight)

Both fighters came out in the first round swinging and continued to swing. Steele almost knocked out Roberts early

UFC 197 Complete Results

UFC 197 Complete Results

and landed two huge slams on the English fighter. Both men were throwing huge punches and they came in numbers. There was no way the frenetic pace would continue, as both men looked gassed in the second round.

Steele was able to show a large amount of very powerful knees, but Roberts was able to land great combinations through out the round. Steele landed another take down early in the 3rd round, but Roberts was able to reverse it and land some strong elbows. After Steele attempted another take down, both fighters were pressed against the cage. After about two minutes, Herb Dean stood them both up.

After standing back up, Roberts tagged Steele with a huge hit, which led to a wild exchange. Both men battled up against the cage for the final minute.

Roberts was able to come out with a 29-28 unanimous decision victory over Steele. Many people did not agree with the decision, but it was a very close fight and was named fight of the night.

#14 Sergio Pettis vs. Chris Kelades (Flyweight)

Pettis was able to show a great amount of movement and footwork early on. Kelades wanted to take this fight to the ground, but had no success in the first round. It was actually Pettis who scored a takedown.

The second round catered more to Kelades, as much of the round was in the clinch and on the ground. The third round was very close, with neither fighter doing much in the round.

The 22 year old Sergio Pettis was able to pick up another win in the UFC, winning all three rounds. With this win, Pettis may face a top ten opponent in his next fight, to prove he is a legit contender in the division.

Main Card

Now, we will be taking a closer look at the five fights featured on the main card at UFC 197. For this, we will look at how the fight went, what the results mean for the fighters, and look at the best moment of each fight.

Yair Rodriguez vs Andre Fili (Featherweight)

This fight was everything it was advertised to be. Both men scored multiple head kicks and brought a huge amount of energy during the first fight of the main card. The first part of the second round had Rodrguez attemping a flying kick, but Rodriguez was the only thing flying. Fili did not capitalize on Rodriguez being on the ground momentarily and it cost him heavily.

Two minutes later, Rodrgieuz scored the knockout of the year so far, faking a right head kick and hitting Fili with a huge flying round house kick. Rodriguez showed why he is the most exciting striker in the whole featherweight division after Saturday.

Moment of the Fight: Pencil this in as knockout of the year.

#7 Robert Whittaker vs. #13 Rafael Natal (Middleweight)

UFC 197 Complete Results

UFC 197 Complete Results

Whittaker came in heavy, landing huge blows to the face of Natal. For most of the fight, Whittaker was able to find his range and land a large amount of combos. Natal did not have enough offense until the third round, where he sliced Whittaker up with numerous leg kicks.

If Natal did that early on, the fight may have been different, but it was very clear that Whittaker won this fight by decision. After the win, Whittaker should be facing a big name in the middleweight division to see if he can be a title contender.

Moment of the Fight: Joe Rogan, believing that the fight was razor close, when it was very clear that it was not.

#3 Anthony Pettis vs. #8 Edson Barboza (Lightweight)

Edson Barboza was supposed to bring out the best in Anthony Pettis. Instead, Barboza completely shutdown the

UFC 197 Complete Results

UFC 197 Complete Results

former champion in embarrassing fashion. This is by far Barboza’s biggest win, proving that he can beat top competition.

Pettis now seems to be at a crossroads. Since defending his title, he has lost three straight and has looked highly ineffective in all of his recent fights. Pettis landed seven kicks the entire fight. For a striker like that to land such a little amount of kicks is appalling. 16 months ago he was a champion and now he does not look like a lieghtweight contender anymore.

Barboza came out there, completely shutdown the gameplan of Showtime and proved he should be fighting a top contender shortly.

Moment of the Fight: At the end of the fight, you could see the damage Barboza did to the leg of Anthony Pettis.

(C) Demetrious Johnson vs. #2 Henry Cejudo (Flyweight Championship)

Demetrious Johnson proved he is still unstoppable and will be for the foreseeable future. Cejudo scored an early takedown, but that was it as far as his offensive game. Cejudo said his game plan was to attack Johnson from the clinch, but that did not work out well for the challenger.

Once they clinched up, Johnson landed huge knees to the body of Cejudo and was able to finish the fight shortly after. Johnson seems to be the pound-for-pound number one fighter in the world after his quick victory against a former Olympic gold medalist.

Moment of the Fight: Mighty Mouse, celebrating his victory in aerial flips as Cejudo laid on the ground.

#1 Jon Jones vs. #6 Ovince Saint Pruex (Interim Light Heavyweight Title)

The champ was back and that is what this night was really all about. Jones was very hesitant in the octagon. Facing a new opponent that had huge punching power made Jones apprehensive to strike many times. Jones grinded out an easy decision victory by attacking the legs of OSP and taking him down numerous times in the championship rounds.

The fight was not that great, but just seeing Jones in the UFC again was a spectacle. After the fight, Jones refused to hold the interim belt, stating that he wants his real belt back. On his way out of the octagon, Jones had a one finger message to his rival Daniel Cormier.

Jones knew he looked unimpressive, but stated he used 20 percent of the technique he could have during the fight. The looks were there, but Jones did not pull the trigger many times.

Moment of the Fight: The walkout. The build up to see Jon Jones entering the octagon was captured by this moment. Jones screaming into the camera in excitement, going up into the stands before coming into the fight and hugging his family and seeing the journey he has been on captured in those four minutes was a wonderful sight to see.

UFC 197 saw many things on Saturday night, but the results may have set up even more interesting fights down the road.

(UFC 197 Complete Results)