Jon Jones Will Fight Daniel Cormier

Fighters and fans are buzzing in anticipation of UFC 200. With a fight card full of stars, the night is sure to bring us a couple of surprises. However, a lot of the buzz surrounding the UFC right now involves Jon ‘Bones’ Jones’ return to the ring. Part of that buzz is confusion, as Dana White handed down an indefinite suspension following Jones being involved in a hit and run accident in Albuquerque. Not only did Jon Jones hit a pregnant woman, but he was seen bolting from his vehicle, returning for only a hand full of cash before fleeing into the night.

In October of last year, President Dana White and CEO Lorenzo Fertitta lifted the suspension. 18 months later, Jones is returning to the octagon with a chance to pound on a rival and get his title back in UFC 197. Jones is five months sober. He says he has given up all drugs and alcohol in preparation for his bout with Daniel Cormier.

With the Light Heavyweight Title on the line, has Jones beat his demons or has he briefly pushed them to the side to brutalize a guy who has publicly trashed him?

Bitter Rivalry

Jon Jones, UFC, Daniel Cormier

Jon Jones defeated Daniel Cormier in UFC 182 by unanimous decision.

The rivalry between Jones and Daniel Cormier is intense. The two brawled during UFC 178’s Media Day.  Jones and Cormier took to the ring months later. In the second longest UFC event, Jon Jones defeated Daniel Cormier in UFC 182. Landing only 59% of his strikes, Jones won by unanimous decision. Jones was battling his inner demons back then, as well. He failed a drug test one month prior to the event, testing positive for a substance found in cocaine. Jones was not disqualified from his bout with Cormier because cocaine is only banned for the twelve hours prior to a contest in Nevada.

The rivalry intensified as Cormier openly ripped into Jon Jones for bragging about the outcome of the positive drug test. Cormier anxiously waited a rematch, but fought and defeated Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson after Jones was stripped of his title and ability to fight. Jones has defeated Cormier once, can he do it again?

The two have been reunited for press revolving around their April 23rd rematch. Surprisingly, it was Cormier who was booed at the “Unstoppable” press conference, which was held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Cormier called Jones a liar, alleging there is no change in Jones. There is hatred behind the eyes of Cormier. Hopefully his aggression won’t get the best of him or he will end up like Ronda Rousey. Either way, this rivalry makes way for a great fight. Jon Jones has never truly lost a fight and Cormier is on a winning streak. One of these men need to destroy the other to settle this rival once and for all.