Conor McGregor Not Retiring; Made Announcement Today

Conor McGregor Not Retiring

Conor McGregor Not Retiring

Fans are spinning as Conor McGregor and Dana White continue to feud. On Tuesday morning, hot-headed McGregor posted his decision to retire young. The decision came after Dana White threatened to pull him from UFC 200 for failing to appear in Las Vegas.

Today, McGregor released a very long statement revealing he is not retiring. He is, however, frustrated with the mundane responsibilities of promoting and the lack of appreciation from the UFC Corporation.

To be clear, McGregor retired before White officially pulled him from the fight card. Last Friday, White threatened to pull McGregor after he refused to fly into Las Vegas for another press conference. McGregor is currently training in Iceland. Traveling to Vegas would take the majority of a day, dramatically cutting down on training time.

McGregor believes he has done enough press conferences, interviews and ads to honor his promotional obligations. He states:

“There comes a time when you need to stop handing out flyers and get back to the damn shop.”

McGregor also believes the $400 million UFC has generated from his fights in less than a year is more than enough for Dana to be considerate of his training needs. Not only does White want McGregor in Las Vegas this week, he has also planned promotional stops in California and New York. At this time, McGregor has only agreed to appear in New York.

What’s Next?

McGregor’s fervor for training is well placed. This past March, he lost for the first time in his UFC career. McGregor Conor McGregor Not Retiringtapped in the second round after Nate Diaz pinned him in a rear-naked choke. This rematch clearly means a lot to McGregor. He is a passionate fighter who knows his skill, not the press, will help him win in the octagon.

As July 9th rapidly approaches, a resolution must come quickly by way of leniency towards fighters preparing for bouts. UFC 200 won’t lose any viewers due to lack of promo, but there is a chance of losing viewers for scrapping a great fighter.