Conor McGregor Announces Retirement After Being Pulled From UFC 200

With just one tweet on Tuesday afternoon, UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor, sent waves throughout the entire sports landscape. At about noon, Conor McGregor announces retirement in a tweet:

Most fans were apprehensive to the fact that the sports’ biggest star would be abruptly retiring at such a young age. Just an hour after Conor McGregor announces retirement, supposedly, his coach John Kavanagh tweeted “Well, was fun while it lasted.” Supporting the fact that the Irishmen’s run in the UFC was over.

After that, the UFC got another shock wave in Nate Diaz, the other face of UFC 200’s main event, also stated that he was leaving the sport. This brought a curious question, what is causing all of this?

How Did This Happen?

Conor McGregor Announces RetirementTwo of UFC’s most exciting fighters retiring on the same day, causes some curiosity on how it happened. Apparently, there were multiple disputes with Conor McGregor and Dana White about a variety of things regarding UFC 200. One of them being the payment after the dust settled on UFC 200. According to, the Irishman was asking for an obscene amount of money to fight in the biggest event in the sport. McGregor was wanting around ten million dollars for the main event fight, something that Dana White did not seem realistic.

Another reason for the sudden retirement was that Conor felt that the UFC was being too demanding in promoting the fight. McGregor is currently training in Iceland, and the UFC was trying to get him to shoot a promo in Las Vegas to advertise UFC 200. Dana White has said that he has refused to shoot the promos, something every other fighter in the event has committed too, and they were going to pull the champion from the event.

What Happens Next?

The UFC has a problem on it hands right now witht he sudden retirement of its biggest star. This man brought huge pay-per-view numbers that have never been seen before and was attempting to hold two belts at the same time, before Rafael Dos Anjos pulled out of UFC 196.

He is the fighter with the biggest fan base by far and has expanded the market in European countries like no other fighter has. Dana White can easily find another main event, whether that is having GSP come back and fight, or have Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier face off in July, but what does this mean for other fighters.

Conor McGregor has helped fighters bring in much more lucrative earnings since he has bursted on the scene. Fighters have more leverage in negotiations now more than ever, and with the star that has pushed fighters’ pay to the highest amounts it has been gone from the sport, it is interesting to see what happens in the future regarding the payment of UFC fighters.

There is also the idea that niether McGregor or Diaz will actually be Conor McGregor Announces Retirementretiring. Dana White said on The Herd, Wednesday morning, that he believes that Conor may still fight on July 9th. Colin Cowherd asked White upfront if he believes he is retiring and white replied with “I do not.”

White also stated that if he was called by the superstar about being added back to the card, he would probably still do it.

“We give Conor a lot of leeway because Conor delivers,” he said.

What ever happens in the next few days surrounding both the UFC and Conor McGregor will be interesting. Early Wednesday morning the champion tweeted out that he had an announcement to make, but quickly deleted it within the minute.

It seems like the uncertainty of this situation is fluid, but one thing is for certain right now, Conor McGregor is currently retired, though that may change at some point.

(Conor McGregor Announces Retirement)