Tiger Woods, once the poster boy for all that was great in golf, has made the news, again.

This time it wasn’t for his bedroom exploits, but being arrested for driving under the influence. It has come to light, he was not under the influence of alcohol, but a powerful mix of prescription medications that he was taking, unsupervised, for pain and insomnia.

He blew a 0.0 percent in a field sobriety test. The video of the test is painful to watch, with Woods slurring and unsteady on his feet. Officers attempted to have him walk in a straight line, and say the alphabet backwards, both with poor results.

Reports have come back and the former four-time Master’s champ had quite a variety of substances in his system. A toxicology report states that he had  hydrocodone, hydromorophone, alpazolam (also known as Xanax), zolpidem (Ambien), and THC, the byproduct of marijuana. It is presently unclear which medications, including marijuana, he had valid prescriptions for.


These are extremely addictive drugs, and one can hope that the former champ gets the help he seems to need.

The PGA began drug testing in 2008, and closely follows World Anti-doping Agency’s prohibited list, with 2 exceptions- beta-2 agonists and Glucocorticosteriods.  They have announced that for the 2017-8 season, they will begin blood testing in addition to urine, and announcing results publicly for the first time.  This announcement came on the heels of the return of golf to the Olympic Games.

Woods, in exchange for the driving while intoxicated charge to be dropped, has agreed to enter a treatment program. He also acknowledged how much of a mistake he made in attempting to self-medicate.

This self-administered cocktail seems to be a result of the back surgery Woods had in April. Tiger’s future in golf seems to be unclear, but we hope he gets his act together.