If you like taking things beyond talking trash to your friends in a fantasy football league, there is some good news for you, sports betting may be closer to you than Vegas, thanks to the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court is set to start the hearing of Christie vs. NCAA, with a decision expected sometime next year.

Who is involved?

On one side, we have New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie, and on the other, we have the NCAA and more specifically, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. Also known as the PASPA or the Bradley Act,  which “attempts to define the legal status of sports betting throughout the United States. This act effectively outlawed sports betting nationwide, excluding a few states.” (Source)

The exemptions include Nevada, of course, and the lotteries that are conducted in Delaware, Montana, and Oregon. Other exclusions include horse and dog racing, and jai alai. Pete Rose learned the hard way about betting and was forever tarnished. The Hall of Fame hasn’t forgotten.

What does this even mean?

This case is calling into question a 25 year-old federal statute that makes it illegal to bet on sports in the majority of the country. If the PASPA is overturned, it could generate income for states like New Jersey and Illinois, from every corner of the state, tribal reservations and so much more. With around $150 billion being wagered illegally on sports in this country, according to the AGA, and the possibility of a number a lot higher than that, you can bet that lots of eyes on the case.

History Repeats?

Well, it’s not going to be smooth sailing for this case. New Jersey is currently 0-5 in court cases to try to get sports betting legalized. They have gone up against the MLB, NBA, NCAA, NFL, and NHL. It could be highly lucrative for state governments, which could take the underdogs to the top.

You can bet that we will have the results here.