Nowadays you hear pro running backs are going extinct. That their value is falling faster than Facebook’s, or they have a short life span in the NFL, and teams won’t risk a top contract on a feature back. Guess they haven’t seen the 6-foot-1, 222lbs, high hurdling, sure handed Todd Gurley II topping the RB class of 2015.

Todd Gurley II

Todd Gurley II was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams in 2015 with the 10th pick. Gurley’s future was in jeopardy as a Torn ACL ended his college career with the Georgia Bulldogs. They worked Gurley into Pro shape, giving him the reins in Week 3 against the Arizona Cardinals. His first half was rough, only gaining 2 yards but Gurley came out fighting, ending the contest with 144 yds. Some may have written him off with long stretches of under 100yd games. He grinded out five 100+ yard games, ending the year with 1100 rushing yards. Todd Gurley was the second player in Rams history to achieve 1000 yds and 10TDs in the rookie season behind Eric Dickerson.

Jeff Fisher’s Rams

With hope resting on Todd Gurley, he faltered in comparison. Out of 15 games, Gurley did not achieve a single 100 yard game in 2016. He was held to 885 on the season, averaging 3.2 yards per carry. HC Jeff FIsher had a target on his back and was fired in December. Gurley was vocal in Jeff Fisher’s playbook calling it a “middle school offense”. I agree. Jeff Fisher deserves a tie as most losing coach.

Sean McVay’s Rams

Gurley and the Rams offense, gave him as many touches, averaging 4.7 yards per carry. McVay’s offense involved Gurley in the pass game, where he makes linebackers miss and mows down DBs. He accounts for 788 yds receiving for 6 TDs. In comparison, in receiving stats alone, he would be counted as a Top 25 Wide receiver. He wasn’t missed in the run game either, racking up 1300 yds rushing for 13 TDs. Gurley was on pace for the running title, but was benched as playoffs loomed. McVay’s decision yielded the rushing title to rookie Kareem Hunt. Sadly, the Rams fell to the Atlanta Falcons in the first round of the 2017 playoffs.

Despite losing, the Los Angeles Rams are tapped for greatness in 2018. If they ride Todd Gurley, a hardy, no nonsense RB who earned the NFL’s Offensive Player of the Year in 2017 they’re sure for a run to the Super Bowl.