MLB Power Rankings for August 20th- 27th

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1. Boston Red Sox | 88-37 +-0

Despite losing multiple games over the course of this week, the Red Sox maintain course in these rankings, they are the best team in baseball, and that fact in undeniable. Chris Sale said it best when he said, “I’m on the best team that’s ever walked the planet”. While he was placed on the DL, the Red Sox should have no problem maintaining momentum.

2. Oakland Athletics | 74-49 | +1

The A’s get the jump in this week’s ranking strictly because they’ve continued to play top notch baseball, while the Yankees have disappointed.

3. New York Yankees | 78-46 | -1

The Yanks have been hit with by the injury train, and have been losing because of it, no one can fault them there. But it’s the consistent losses to terrible and mediocre teams that has fans worried.

4. Colorado Rockies | 68-56 | +6

If I was an MLB team, I would not want to face the Colorado Rockies right now. Somehow, someway, they’re getting done every game, no matter the score or the inning, you can bet your money they will put up a good fight every game, it’s that will to win that really makes teams successful, the same thing we’ve seen all season from the Red Sox.

5. St. Cardinals | 68-57 | +3

In the category of surprising late season bloomers we find the Matt Carpenter led Cardinals, who have been on winning games left and right as of late, fighting back into a playoff spot for the first time since April with a win over the falling Brewers.

The Second half of our MLB Power Rankings

6. Cleveland Indians | 71-52 | +-0

Like I said last week, the Tribe do play in the worst division in Baseball at the moment, but they keep winning, which is impressive even against terrible teams, so for that they earn the sixth spot on this list.

7. Seattle Mariners | 71-54 | -3

Not much to say here, the Mariners have been playing below .500 baseball the last week or so, which can’t happen if they still want to find themselves in a playoff spot come October.

8. Chicago Cubs | 71-52 | -2

The Cubs have been playing just alright as of late, but others have been playing much better, which is why they fall in these here rankings.

9.  Houston Astros | 75-49 | -5

Lets face it, the Astros are having a major late season collapse with Jose Altuve out, they have yet to win a series the last two weeks, and are holding the division lead by the skins of their teeth, play that won’t cut if they do indeed fall to the wildcard game.

10. Atlanta Braves | 68-55 | -1

It isn’t that the Braves have been playing bad baseball lately, it’s more that they ran into the Rockies, who apparently win no matter who the they play. Getting hit by a pitch hasn’t helped matters either.

Agree? Think your team should be higher in our MLB Power Rankings? Comment below with your choices!