SNG MLB Power Rankings

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1. Boston Red Sox | 85-35

The Red Sox have undeniably been the best team in baseball for the majority of the season, and that play has not let up as of late. They find a way to win no matter the circumstances, you can’t count them out at any point in any game no matter the score or the inning, because all of sudden, something will just click for them and they’ll begin to absolutely hit the leather off the ball. The only realistic way the beat them is to win the pitching dual, it’s basically impossible to just flat out out score them, the Orioles tried the other day, putting up 12 runs (third highest total of the season), but Boston still beat them by 7, they are the best offensive team in the history of the franchise, and that is saying a lot.

2. New York Yankees | 74-43

The Bronx Bombers haven’t necessarily been been playing top competition as of late, aside from the Red Sox, whom nobody seems to know how to beat, but they’re still winning, so you can’t denote them for that. And winning that is, without both Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez on the roster, so let them heal, and come playoff time, there will likely be more than one game played at Yankee Stadium.

3. Oakland Athletics | 70-48

The A’s have been the most surprising team this season by far, and the post all-star game stretch has really showed us that they’re the real deal, holding a 15-6 record in that span while playing several teams still fighting for a playoff spot.

4. Seattle Mariners | 69-50

As much as Oakland has been winning, Seattle has been keeping pace, if not exceeding them in some aspects. They’re was a rough stretch there in the beginning of the month, where it looked like their time to fall in the standings had come, but roaring back the M’s have won 6 of their last 8, including a sweep of the division leading Astros, raising them way up the board in my book.

5. Houston Astros | 74-46

The Astros are currently playing in the toughest all-around division in baseball and attempting to win without the Reigning AL and World Series MVP’s, the injury bug has hit them like a train, dropping 8 straight home games and four straight at the hands of Seattle, a good pitcher can’t win without a decent offense, and that has showed for Houston.

6. Cleveland Indians | 66-51

The common excuse used to write off the Indians by the media is that they’re division is full of terrible teams, and record wise, it really is. But if you actually watched them play, they have been playing genuinely good baseball as of late, winning 7 if their last 9 mostly from good performances on both sides of the ball.

7. Chicago Cubs | 68-49

The Cubs are primarily winning lately because of one or two specific players in a said game, i.e. David Bote last night or the newly acquired Cole Hamels in any of his three starts, but they’re winning regardless, even if it’s not completely team baseball. A fact that kind of has fans concerned for them come playoff time.

8. St. Louis Cardinals | 63-55

In surprising late season surges, we see the St. Louis Cardinals, who are making a serious push to claw back into playoff contention in the wide open National League. The Cards have won 5 straight and 8 of their last 10 on the back of hopeful NL MVP Matt Carpenter as he continues to decorate the stands at Busch Stadium with baseballs.

9. Atlanta Braves | 65-51

The Braves have slightly faltered in terms of performance as of late in the home stretch of their stellar season, but nonetheless sit on top the NL East, winning against Division rivals, which for them is what really matters.

10. Colorado Rockies | 63-55

Rounding out the top ten are the Rockies, whose strong series against the Dodgers at mile high pushed them way up the list as they try to regain traction in the middle of a major division race.

The Rest of the Pack for the SNG MLB Power Rankings:

11. Philadelphia Phillies | 65-52

12. Milwaukee Brewers | 67-54

13. Arizona Diamondbacks | 65-54

14. Pittsburgh Pirates | 61-58

15. Washington Nationals | 60-58

16. Los Angeles Dodgers | 64-55

17. Tampa Bay Rays | 60-58

18. Texas Rangers | 52-68

19. San Diego Padres | 48-72

20. Toronto Blue Jays | 53-64

21. Los Angeles Angels | 59-60

22. New York Mets | 49-66

23. San Francisco Giants | 59-60

24. Minnesota Twins | 54-63

25. Cincinnati Reds | 52-66

26. Chicago White Sox | 42-75

27. Detroit Tigers | 49-69

28. Miami Marlins | 48-72

29. Baltimore Orioles | 35-84

30. Kansas City Royals | 35-82

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