Week 24 means the playoff picture is starting to take shape. The Rockets’ red glare is washing over the Western Conference, just as the Beasts of The East seem to be inching their way onward towards the top seed in the Eastern Conference. Even though the season close to the end, now is the perfect time for the action to climax. Here is where we think the teams place right now.

1.) Houston Rockets          No Change (60-14, 85.5 SNG rating)

The Rockets look unstoppable. After losing a heartbreaker in Toronto, it’s been business as usual for Houston as they’ve won the last eight behind James Harden and his 28.3 ppg streak.    


2.) Toronto Raptors         No Change (54-20, 71.5 SNG rating)

Since beating the Rockets, life hasn’t been a stroll in the park for Kyle Lowry and friends. They dropped games to the Cavs, Thunder, and Clippers, but still remain the best in the east… for now.

3.) Portland Trail Blazers         No Change (45-28, 70.8 SNG rating)

Rip City went on a tear for 13 straight wins before losing back-to-back games to the Rockets and Celtics. The Trail Blazers retaliated with a victory over OKC, thanks to C.J. McCollum’s 34 points and go-ahead jumper.

4.) Philadelphia 76ers         +6 (42-30, 69.1 SNG rating)

Ben Simmons recorded his tenth triple-double of the year on Saturday, the second most for any rookie to date. Oh, yeah: and the 76ers have won seven of the last eight.

5.) Utah Jazz        -1 (42-32, 68.4 SNG rating)

The Jazz have only lost twice in March: a barn burner in San Antonio, and a home loss to… Atlanta? Either way, one thing that has remained constant is Donovan Mitchell’s exquisite play. How exquisite, exactly? Check him out here.

6.) Cleveland Cavaliers         +6 (44-29, 65.1 SNG rating)

The only thing more impressive than the Cavs’ five game win streak is the incredible jams that King James has been throwing down. Yowza.

7.) Oklahoma City Thunder          -1 (44-31, 64.3 SNG rating)

The Thunder lost two of the last three games. Adding insult to the injury is the fact that OKC lost both those games by a combined four points. Say what you want, but a missed three by Melo ain’t the only issue here.

8.) Boston Celtics         -1 (50-23, 64.2 SNG rating)
The Celtics may have lost Kyrie Irving for the next 3-6 weeks, but all is not lost: Boston has won four of the last five, including a last second (literally) three ball from Marcus Morris to defeat OKC.

9.) Golden State Warriors        -4 (54-19, 62.0 SNG rating)
Kevin Durant said it best when he was asked to describe the Warriors’ current injury situation: “Crazy.” The instability has caused them to literally drop every other game, and it’s gonna be more of the same until the roster fills back up.

10.) San Antonio Spurs        +14 (43-31, 59.0 SNG rating)

LaMarcus Aldridge and the Spurs were on a seven game roll… until they were derailed by the Milwaukee Bucks on Sunday night. San Antonio sits just three games outside of a playoff three seed, but they may be more motivated by the fact that they are just two games away from being knocked out of the playoffs completely.

Rest of Week 24’s rankings

Indiana Pacers 59.0

New Orleans Pelicans 54.0

Denver Nuggets 52.4

Milwaukee Bucks 51.7

Los Angeles Clippers 51.7

Miami Heat 51.3

Minnesota Timberwolves 48.4

Washington Wizards 47.4

Charlotte Hornets 47.3

Detroit Pistons 42.6

Los Angeles Lakers 42.2

Sacramento Kings 36.2

New York Knicks 33.2

Chicago Bulls 31.4

Brooklyn Nets 30.5

Dallas Mavericks 30.0

Orlando Magic 25.0

Atlanta Hawks 19.2

Memphis Grizzlies 18.0

Phoenix Suns 12.8

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