NBA Power Rankings for Week 25

April 11th is coming, which will be the end of the regular season. Here are the NBA Power Rankings for Week 25. As all good things come to an end, so must other good things have a beginning: The NBA Playoffs. No one seems to have a prayer of catching the dynamo Rockets, and the recent ignition of the 76ers has proven just how explosive they can be, as well. With some teams having as few as four games left to play, it’s a zoom to finish to see how the game of Musical Seeds shakes out.   

Here are the top 5 for the NBA Power Rankings for Week 25:

1.) Houston Rockets          No Change (62-15, 85.2 SNG rating)

What was worse than the tough loss in San Antonio? How about the Rockets having to survive an upset scare at home against the Suns? It’s no big deal to lose one every once in a while, especially when you have MVP candidate who’s averaging 30.4 ppg.    

2.) Philadelphia 76ers         +2 (46-30, 80.2 SNG rating)

Yes, they lost Joel Embiid for a couple of weeks, but that didn’t stop Ben Simmons from accruing 20 points and 15 assists at the Hornets’ expense. The real tests will be come later in the week when they travel to Detroit  on Wednesday, and host Cleveland on Friday.

3.) Cleveland Cavaliers         +3 (47-30, 70.5 SNG rating)

Apart from an embarrassing loss to Miami, the Cavs look to be more comfortable in their own skin. LeBron and company will get a chance to test their mettle when they host the Raptors on Tuesday.

4.) Boston Celtics         +4 (42-30, 69.8 SNG rating)

The Celtics have been beaten the Thunder, Trail Blazers, Jazz, and the Raptors… and they’ve done it without Kyrie Irving or Marcus Smart.

5.) San Antonio Spurs       +5 (45-32, 69.2 SNG rating)

The Spurs have been formidable as of late, winning eight of their last 10. The jewel of their recent wins was a solid defensive effort against Houston, which held the Rockets to just seven three balls.

The next 5 in the NBA Power Rankings for Week 25 are:

6.) Toronto Raptors         -4 (55-21, 66.2 SNG rating)
Toronto has literally lost every other game since dropping one to the Thunder. If DeMar DeRozan and company plan to be the number one seed in the East, they’re going t0 treat every game like it’s the last of the season.

7.) Portland Trail Blazers          -4 (48-29, 66.1 SNG rating)

Despite the Trail Blazers clinching their fifth consecutive playoff appearance, they seem to be settling into mediocrity with just four wins in the last seven games.  

8.) Indiana Pacers         +3 (46-31, 64.8 SNG rating)
The Pacers seem to be make a late run at the Central Division title, winning five in a row to pull within half a game of Cleveland. It also doesn’t hurt when Victor Oladipo drops 30 points on an opponent, like he did against the Clippers on Sunday night.

9.) Utah Jazz        -4 (44-33, 63.5 SNG rating)
There’s no question that the Jazz have cooled off since they ignited earlier last month, but not before solidifying themselves as playoff contenders, and not before the Rubio/Mitchell tandem combined for 44 points  in a win over the Timberwolves.

10.) Golden State Warriors       -1 (56-21, 61.3 SNG rating)
Golden State remains the biggest wild card in the Western Conference playoff picture. Even though Quinn Cook has been doing a fantastic job filling in for the injured Stephen Curry and averaging 18.6 ppg, the fact remains: he’s no Steph Curry.

Here are the rest of the NBA Power Rankings for Week 25:

Detroit Pistons 59.0

Oklahoma City Thunder 58.8

Minnesota Timberwolves 53.2

Denver Nuggets 52.2

Milwaukee Bucks 51.6

Miami Heat 51.6

New Orleans Pelicans 47.9

Washington Wizards 47.2

Charlotte Hornets 46.8

Los Angeles Clippers 46.6

Los Angeles Lakers 36.7

Brooklyn Nets 36.2

Sacramento Kings 36.0

New York Knicks 32.5

Chicago Bulls 31.9

Memphis Grizzlies 28.6

Dallas Mavericks 24.9

Orlando Magic 24.4

Atlanta Hawks 24.3

Phoenix Suns 12.2

Agree or Disagree? Should someone be ranked higher? Tell us what you think of our NBA Power Rankings for Week 25 in the comments.