MLB Power Rankings Week of: May 16th

  1. New York Yankees – The Evil empire unfortunately lives at number 1. They have been the hottest team in baseball, winning 19 of their last 22 games they sit atop the AL east. With the pitching staff looking good and Giancarlo Stanton heating up. They are finally starting to gel and look like the team everyone predicted they would be.
  2.  Boston Red Sox – Not far behind their formidable foes in the Yankees, the Red Sox sit at number 2 in the rankings and number 2 in the AL East. With Sale anchoring the staff and Mookie Betts and JD Martinez playing out of their shoes, there’s no ceiling on the possible successes for the Red Sox this year. It’s great for sports when the biggest rivalry in baseball is sitting on top of the power rankings.
  3.  Houston AstrosThe defending National Champions and leaders of the AL West drop back to number three this week after a slow start in May (6-7). This team will most likely never drop out of the top 5 though barring an utter collapse. With Correa and Altuve leading the lineup and the combined ERA of their five starters sitting at 2.34. This team is destined for greatness.
  4.  Atlanta braves- Who saw this coming? After years of being the MLB’s farmteam, the Braves top draft prospects are making an instant impact at the Major league level. Acuna has been everything scouts have promised and Albies is tearing the covers off the ball. Add Freddie Freeman and the resurgence of Nick Markakis to a very adequate staff and you have yourself a successful rebuild thus far.
  5. Washington Nationals- The Nats got off to a slow start but seem to be finding their footing. They are 11-2 in the month of May and are quickly heading up division to challenge the Braves at the top of the NL East.
  6.  Philadelphia Phillies- Seeing a trend here? The NL East is tough this year. The Phillies are currently second in the NL East. This coming on the back of the emergence of Aaron Nola becoming an ace, and Jake Arrieta retaining ace status. Oh, and their line up ain’t half bad either.
  7.  Anaheim Angels – So Shohei Ohtani is the real deal, and they still have Mike Trout, and Albert Pujols, and Justin Upton. Even with some of their guys hitting way above career averages, this team seems  real and will compete all year long.
  8.  Pittsburg Pirates- Who’s on top of the NL Central? It’s the Pirates? That’s what happens when you win 7 of your last 10. Don’t expect the Pirates to stay here long with the Brewers and Cubs lurking right behind them. But they’ve earned this spot for now.
  9.  Seattle Mariners- More of an honorary mention with Cano catching an 80 game suspension. Look for the Mariners to fall off in a bit.
  10.  Arizona Diamondbacks– The Diamondbacks are first in the NL West. Maybe this is because of lack of competition. Maybe they’re better than their stats show. They have fallen off a bit in the month of May, but maybe their lineups lack of success is finally catching up to them. Paul Goldschmidt is hitting .213. They might as well be a wild card at this point in time. Wait to see what happens when Jake Lamb and Robbie Ray come back from injury.

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