MLB Power Rankings

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This week’s MLB Power Rankings have a few surprises, some disappointments and all sorts of intrigue. Without further ado:

1. Houston Astros | 80-50 | +8

 After momentarily slumping, the reigning world champs are back on it. They’ve won five straight games by a combined margin of 17, and with Jose Altuve back in the lineup, the Astros don’t look to fall anytime soon, even with two of the best teams in baseball on their tail. Making their way all the way up from ninth, they have claimed the prestigious title of the number one ranked team on our weekly power rankings.

2. Oakland Athletics | 79-52 | +-0

Remaining stagnant this week, the A’s allowed  Houston to regain control of the division while facing two relatively easy opponents in Texas and Minnesota. While their performance didn’t warrant a drop in these rankings, it certainly didn’t signify that they should rise.

3. Boston Red Sox | 90-42 | -2

Like every great team, the Red Sox have finally hit a wall, this time in the form of the surging Tampa Bay Rays, the peskiest team in all of baseball, who could certainly make a dent in any team’s playoff hopes this September. It’s only a matter of time though before the Rays breakout the sledgehammer, and continue their lordship over the American League.

4. New York Yankees | 82-47 | -1

Don’t get too excited Yankee fans, it’s not time to celebrate when you’re still seven games back. You narrowly swept the second worst team in baseball. Not exactly impressive.

5. St. Louis Cardinals | 73-58 | +1

Back at it again, Matt Carpenter and the St. Louis Cardinals took the series against a seemingly unbeatable team. The Cardinals are showing postseason promise for some of the most loyal fans in the league.

6. Tampa Bay Rays | 70-61 | unranked

In teams one would never expect to see in the MLB Power Rankings,  enter the Tampa Bay Rays, with an eight game winning streak and the first team to sweep the Red Sox all season. They just play hard. It’s that simple: they want to win. Combine their desire to win and the Red Sox Player’s Weekend jerseys and you have a recipe for success.

7. Chicago Cubs | 76-53 | +1

Not much to say here, they’ve been streaking, so that projects a good outlook, the Central division is basically theirs, barring any major slumps.

8. Colorado Rockies | 71-59 | -3

The Rockies need to pick it up if they want to make some noise. It’s unacceptable for them to walk away from the St. Louis series with anything short of two wins.  To make the playoffs, they have to win those key games and series.

9. Seattle Mariners | 74-57 | -2

The Mariners are playing mediocre to alright baseball at best, not exactly of the caliber that this team is capable of. They definitely need to step it up.

10. Arizona Diamondbacks | 72-58 | unranked

The D-backs want the NL West, and are talented enough to win it if they maintain this level of play. Do they have it in them? Only time will tell.

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