The Las Vegas Knights have had an impressive first season. They are currently in the Stanley Cup, fighting hard against the Washington Capitals. It’s any team’s dream for the first season to be ‘that’ season. But what is more astounding is the home-town support that they are getting. However, their fans hear bandwagon being thrown around, just because they made it to the finals.

Vegas Supports their Own

From day one, they have had an interesting road. The Route 91 shooting left the city in shock and the Knights rode in like their namesake required. Players were donating blood, visiting families of the victims, and giving back to a wary community.

Why was the community wary? They had never had a professional sports team. Locals always had a little attitude when it came to sports. There were either transplants who brought their team’s loyalty with them and passed it down or a fan picked a team based on a random choice. There were national broadcasts that we could always see, but no one ever inspired the city.

Knights Expansion

When other teams talked about moving because they wanted a new stadium, Vegas never seemed to be on the list, until the Raiders. Then the Aces, and finally, our hockey team. The city waits for the Raider’s stadium to be built and the Aces have just started their season, but it was the Knights who faced the firing squad of hometown loyalty.

They rose admirably. From highlighting #vegasstrong at their games, to always taking the time for their fans, the Knights were the heroes Vegas needed.

Not everyone even knew what hockey was. Deserts don’t exactly promise the best atmosphere for ice. But as the Knights united the town, people responded.

So, are Vegas fans bandwagoners? Never.

Vegas finally has something to be proud of.

Locals don’t hang their heads in shame. They’ll finally have more to identify themselves with, aside from Sin City, living in hotels and being taught to gamble in classrooms. (You might be a local when…)

#Vegasstrong #Knightup