The Detroit Red Wings Playoff Preview (41-30-11)

With the NHL Playoffs set to begin today, let’s take a look at the Detroit Red Wings playoff preview.

For the 25th consecutive season, the Detroit Red Wings will get a chance to make it to the Stanley Cup. Set to take on the Tampa Bay Lightning in the first round, the Wings definitely have their hands full.

Brad Richards’ Playoff Return

Red Wings Playoff Preview

Red Wings Playoff Preview

Featured in this match-up is Brad Richards, the center for the Red Wings. Richards is currently in his 16th season as an NHL player and is no stranger to the playoffs. This will be his 10th time making it to the playoffs and will be taking on one of his former teams in the first round, the Lightning.

Back in 2004, Richards helped the Lightning not only make the playoffs, but also went on to win the Stanley Cup. It was the franchise’s first and only Stanley Cup. In an interview after practice on Tuesday, Richards expressed his excitement for this best-of-7 series:

“This last month all thoughts were on whether we were going to make it or not. It’s amazing once you get in.”

Richards also won another Stanley Cup, although it was with the Chicago Blackhawks a year ago. Ironically, he faced the Lightning in that Stanley Cup run, defeating them in six games.

Key Red Wings’ Players

Henrik Zetterberg

Zetterberg plays left wing for the Red Wings and wears #40. He led the team in both assists (37) and points (50). As the no-questioned offensive leader of the team, the Red Wings will heavily depend on him to get them going. Especially against a former team, Zetterberg has a lot more to play for.

Dylan Larkin

Larkin plays center for the Wings, sporting the #71. As the team’s leader in goals this season, with 23, Larkin holds a lot of value to his line. In addition to leading the team in goals, Larkin also led them in the +/- category, with 11. It’s no question that this team plays better and more confident with Larkin at center ice.

The Detroit Red Wings face off against the Tampa Bay Lightning on Wednesday at 4 pm. In a 7-game series, who knows how much this Red Wings Playoff Preview will change.