Philadelphia Flyers Defeat New York Islanders 4-1

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After a 4-1 loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Philadelphia Flyers responded with a 4-1 rout of the Islanders.

Amidst the strong playoff push, the Philadelphia Flyers hit a bump in the road in the form of a 4-1 thumping at the hands of the rival Pittsburgh Penguins Saturday afternoon.  After a strong 8-1-1 run against almost exclusively playoff positioned teams, the question was how they would react to the letdown in such a crucial situation.

That question was answered emphatically, as the Philadelphia Flyers went into Long Island and dropped the Islanders 4-1. The Flyers’ win sent the Islanders their 3rd straight loss and also dropped them from the 3rd seed in the Metropolitan Division to the first Wild Card position in the Eastern Conference.

The Pittsburgh Penguins’ current 6-game win-streak has shot them up the standings. Their success has not only created distance from the Philadelphia Flyers, but also led to them passing the Islanders within the Divisional ranks.  It is still too close to call, but the Penguins could finish anywhere from second in the division to a Wild Card spot, or possibly out of the playoffs altogether.  Either way, they seem poised to see postseason play, which puts the onus on the Philadelphia Flyers, New York Islanders, and Detroit Red Wings, who are battling for the two Wild Card spots.

Philadelphia Flyers Are Close

As the standings lie, after Monday’s action, the Islanders hold the first Wild Card with 85pts and 71 games played, followed by the Red Wings with 83pts and 72 games played and the Flyers with 82pts and 71 games played.  There is plenty of time for these standings to continue to shake up, especially with another Flyers-Red Wings and two more Flyers-Penguins clashes on the books.

In a season considered a bit of a rebuilding year, the Flyers find themselves in and unexpectedly primed position to snag a playoff spot.  Even if they manage to get into the postseason tournament, can they make any noise?  If the 2010 NHL Playoffs taught us anything, anything can happen once you get in.