2016 NHL Draft Lottery Results; Teams Battle for the No. 1 Pick

To many, the NHL Draft Lottery is a confusing concept. For those of you that find that true, let me explain it to you as simply as I can. In addition, we will take a look at the 2016 NHL Draft Lottery results.

The draft lottery is a weighted system. The purpose is to determine the order in which the first 14 picks are selected in come draft day. The 14 teams that have a shot at grabbing the No. 1 pick in the draft are the 14 teams that failed to make the playoffs that season. As stated above, it is a weighted system, meaning the worst team in the league has the best chance at securing the top draft pick. In other words, the fewer points a team had throughout the regular season, the better chance they have at being the first team to pick.

The process is fairly simple. There’s 14 balls, numbered 1-14, that are placed in a lottery machine. Four of those balls are chosen, giving the NHL a 4-digit series of numbers that is matched with a probability chart. The chart divides the possible combinations for each of the 14 teams.

Below are the 14 teams that were featured in the lotter, as well as the likelihood of each team grabbing the No. 1 overall pick in this year’s NHL Draft:

Toronto Maple Leafs – 20%

Edmonton Oilers – 13.5%

Vancouver Canucks – 11.5%

Columbus Blue Jackets – 9.5%

Calgary Flames – 8.5%

Winnipeg Jets – 7.5%

Arizona Coyotes – 6.5%

Buffalo Sabres – 6.0%

Montreal Canadiens – 5.0 %

Colorado Avalanche – 3.5%

New Jersey Devils – 3.0%

Ottawa Senators – 2.5%

Carolina Hurricanes – 2.0%

Boston Bruins – 1.0%

Now, to get to the part of this article you’ve been waiting to read. Starting with the 14th pick, let’s see where these teams listed above will be picking in this year’s draft.