Will WR Roddy White Play Next Year or Decide to Retire?

WR Roddy White Play Next Year

WR Roddy White Play Next Year

Atlanta Falcons’ wide out, Roddy White, has let it be known that unless he is signed by a contending team, he plans to retire.

“When my agent and I went down the list and I saw the teams that really needed wide receivers, I was like, “Wow, I really don’t want to go there.” White told Jeff Shultz of the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “I knew I couldn’t win with any of those teams. At this point of my career, I don’t want to be dragging my feet in Week 13 just to have an opportunity to be 4-10 next week.”

White has about 6 teams in mind that are considered to be contenders and if he is unable to sign with one, he told Shultz he would retire with no regrets:

“I’ve literally prepared myself for it. I’ve talked to my financial adviser and he said I’m fine if I decide to quit. But I’ve always played this game to win a Super Bowl. I thought I’d get with the Falcons and we’d win a championship and everything I ever wanted in my career would be fulfilled. I’ve been on good teams and bad teams, but at this point don’t have the energy to be on teams that can’t win now,” White added.


Not an Unusual Sight

We see this happen often in the NFL with older veterans. They end up being released by the team they’ve been on for most of their career and look to end it with a contending team for one last push at capturing a title. In recent years, White’s numbers have steadily declined and hit an all time low in 2015 where he only caught 43 balls for 506 yards and one touchdown.

WR Roddy White Play Next YearAt 34 years old, it’s obvious White has lost a step, but he can still be a valuable veteran presence in a locker room somewhere. Perhaps a team with some young talent at the receiver position will bring him in to be a guy to look up to, if anything.

The question becomes if a team actually believes he can produce for them this late in his career. The game is becoming more and more about speed and deep passing attacks and Roddy White just doesn’t fit that role any longer. Nonetheless, it always seems like the Patriots can bring him in and add life to the end of his career — while making a strong playoff push.

This will be an interesting story to look at heading into training camps come July. White doesn’t seem to be too worried, however.

“I’ll let it go into the season, maybe Week 4 or 5,” according to Shultz. “If it doesn’t happen, Ill be putting my cleats on a power line, just like Marshawn Lynch.”

Roddy White has 808 receptions for 10,863 yards and 63 touchdowns in his career. I’m sure someone takes a chance on the veteran receiver after putting up monster numbers for a good portion of his career.

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