Tom Brady Files New Appeal in Deflategate Scandal

Tom Brady Files New Appeal

Tom Brady Files New Appeal

The Deflategate scandal, which occurred over 16 months ago, is preparing to stretch into its third season. Arguing the basic right to a fair process, Tom Brady’s lawyers have requested a new hearing with an expanded panel of judges.

Their hope is to bring the case before the entire bench to overturn a mere four game suspension handed down by Roger Goodell. The Patriots were punished the worst as a team. They lost two draft picks and $1 million after being found guilty of intentionally deflating game balls.

Will the 2nd Circuit entertain Brady’s appeal? The first appeal was heard by the man who handed down the initial punishment himself. Unsurprisingly, the appeal was denied. Brady then appealed to a federal court. Judge Richard Berman ruled in his favor and vacated the suspension.

The league then appealed to the 2nd circuit. The judges ruled in favor of the league, stating the players agreed to allow the commissioner to hear appeals of his own decisions, thereby negotiating away their right to an impartial arbiter. Brady’s lawyers would like the full panel of judges to understand the collective bargaining agreement does not give the commissioner the power to reassess facts when hearing an appeal. By their reasoning, Goodell overstepped his authority.

Roger Goodell is reportedly none too concerned about the new appeal. “We’ll see how things progress,” he said. “But I’m not really focused on that at all, so,” Goodell continued. Interest in Deflatgate is waning. Brady could’ve quietly served his suspension and ended this vexatious process last season.

With his net worth currently over $120 million, the dragging out of this process and punishment paints Brady as a man who believes he is above reproach.

(Tom Brady Files New Appeal)