Rueben Randle is Leaving the New York Giants After 4 Years

Rueben Randle is headed off to the Eagles.

So the Philadelphia Eagles ordered up a Rueben and the NFC East rival NY Giants delivered.  There’s no question the Eagles struggled mightily in 2015, after what many predicted to be a banner year.  Chip Kelly, the former skipper at Oregon, was brought in to resurrect a team many felt had potential to be a Super Bowl contender.

Rueben Randle, Philadelphia Eagles

Chip Kelly, who joined the Eagles after dominating with Oregon, was fired mere days before the end of the season.

Chip was given the GM duties as well as that of Head Coach in order to have a say in all personnel.  Needless to say, Chip wasted no time shaking and baking by making moves that had many fans questioning his prowess as someone suitable to make them.  He shipped off DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy, and Nick Foles for starters, only to bring in players of seemingly lesser value, and at a premium to the salary cap to boot.

Fast forward to the end of the 2015 season.  The Philadelphia Eagles underperformed worse than Hillary Clinton’s firewall. After putting up an abysmal 7-9 record, the once-optimistic Eagles found themselves in a conundrum they never imagined.  Was Chip the right guy after all? Seemingly not. Owner Jeffrey Lurie fired Chip Kelly mere days following the end of the season in hopes of getting this team back on the path to success.  Howie Roseman, the GM prior to Chip’s insertion, was back in the saddle to take the reigns.

Last season exposed the Eagles as defficient in many different areas, most notably in the WR position on the outside. Jordan Matthews had a great year hauling in 85 catches for just shy of 1000 yards, but he did most of his work over the middle, leaving the outside deep threat to that of, well, Riley Cooper? Yes, Riley Cooper.  How good was he in 2015?  Lets just say he’s no longer with the team.  Since the departure of DeSean Jackson, the Eagles have been itching for a deep-route wide receiver.  The Eagles drafted Nelson Agholor in hopes of filling this void, but he too has yet to shine.  Howie had work to do, and he had to do it quickly.

Is Rueben Randle the Answer?

Bring in Rueben Randle. After playing 5 seasons in the NFL, this LSU product has been a nice receiver for the New York Giants. He grabbed 57 catches last season, and 71 the year prior for 797 and 938 yards respectively.  He also snagged 11 TD’s over the last two seasons, with 8 of them coming last season.  He probably would have had more if he wasn’t playing behind Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz – both of whom bring insane athleticism and skill to the wide-out position.  Randle, however, became disposable in a way as a result.  Howie Roseman, who has been aflame this off-season, saw Randle as a possible solution to their wide receiver vulnerability.

Giants’ fans may disagree with the Eagles’ enthusiasm for Randle, as many Giants fans I have spoken with feel they were constantly waiting for Randle to emerge as an elite receiver. Was it because of the competition he faced internally?  I mean, the Giants have been stacked at the wide receiver position for  many years now.  Was it the fact there were 1-2 better wide receivers already on the team that caused Randle to pale in comparison and never get the opportunity to shine?  I guess the answer to that question will possibly emerge in Philadelphia when he becomes a starting 1 or 2 receiver for Sam Bradford and company.

Whether Randle ends up playing on the inside or outside remains to be seen.  They will have to move either Matthews or Randle to the outside, meaning one of them is going to be in a new role.  Who will do it best?  Thats what training camps are for, but at least the Eagles feel Rueben Randle is the possible answer as an elite pass catcher.