Cleveland Browns Sign RGIII to a Two-Year Deal Worth $15 Million

Robert Griffin III, Cleveland Browns

RGIII showed his best talent in his rookie season, when he threw for 3,200 yards, 20 touchdowns and only 5 interceptions.

The former second overall pick and Heisman Trophy winning quarterback, Robert Griffin III, is on his way to Cleveland. Rarely does any quarterback want his name mentioned in the same breath with the Browns, but this can be just what Robert Griffin III needs, not to mention it’s definitely what the Browns need. Furthermore, with only a two-year deal in place, it did not break the bank for the Browns and didn’t cost them any draft picks.

There is really no bad that can come out of this. Griffin’s rookie season made us all believe he may be the next great young signal caller this league sees. Throwing for 3,200 yards and 20 touchdowns to add with over 800 yards rushing and 7 touchdowns, it looked like he was picking up right where he left off in college. However, he has not quite been the same player since then. Injuries have derailed his very early career thus far. Suffering a torn ACL and LCL in a playoff game against the Seahawks was just a preview of things to come for him. He dislocated his ankle at the beginning of the next season and eventually lost his starting role to Kirk Cousins, who has been a consistent player for the Redskins.

Can Robert Griffin III Break Succeed in Cleveland?

We have all seen the infamous jersey with a never ending list of quarterbacks who have started for the Cleveland Browns and not worked out. Will Robert Griffin III just be another name to add to the jersey? While obvious statistical history says yes, maybe there is hope for both the Browns’ organization and RGIII. When healthy, it is clear that the talent is there with this guy. He has shown glimpses of the reasons he was picked second overall and why the Redskins traded virtually everything in 2012 to move up and snag him.

The problem with Griffin in his young NFL career was trying to do too much with his legs. When was the last time you’ve seen Tom Brady or Drew Brees take a big hit? They rarely happen at all. If a play is dead and nothing is there, these future hall-of-fame quarterbacks simply fall and live to take the next snap. Robert Griffin III has always tried to make something out of nothing. This is not always a bad thing, but when you’re the franchise quarterback sometimes it would be wiser to just eat a sack and get up again. At least better than taking on a linebacker or safety and risk losing your season. If he can settle into more of a pocket passer, good things can come out of this.

Have we all forgotten who the coach of the Browns is? Hue Jackson may be the best possible scenario for Robert Griffin III. Jackson had this to say of the signing:

“We are excited about Robert joining the Cleveland Browns. He brings starting experience to our team and organization. He’s a young, athletic, talented passer and he’s really just starting out in this league. Just like every player on our team, Robert will have to earn every opportunity he gets.”

Last year Jackson led the Bengals to a playoff berth with Andy Dalton playing the best ball of his career. If not for an injury to Dalton, they were on course for a Super Bowl run. Dalton was long criticized for just being an average quarterback prior to Jackson coming in. Some can argue he put Dalton over the hump last season. So, if he can do that for Dalton, why not Robert Griffin III?

The biggest issue here is the supporting cast around him. The Browns made no big signings minus this one in free agency and on the contrary, let a handful of quality players walk. They still hold the second overall pick in the draft, though, which shouldn’t be over-looked. Prior to this signing, many believed they would select a quarterback in that spot. However, that pick will likely be spent on a different position.

If Jackson and company truly trust that RG3 can be the new franchise guy in Cleveland maybe they go in another direction. They have needs across the board. Regardless of what they do at 2, I’m sure a quarterback will be taken in the draft. If Josh Gordon is reinstated by the NFL, we can only sit and wait for these former Baylor teammates to put on a show. That can be an interesting duo to look forward to. With a strong draft and Hue Jackson calling the shots now in Cleveland, Robert Griffin III has a good chance to revitalize his career.