With price of sports apparel these days, it’s understandable why some fans opt out in buying gear for their favorite team. T-shirts and hats aren’t that badly priced, however NFL Jerseys still remained one of the highest priced items on the market.

But what if you could hedge those bets for the 6 months of football. Yes, that’s right, a new company by the name of Rep the Squad is now offering consumers the opportunity to rent players jersey. Think of as the Redbox for Jerseys, with the subscriptions are $20 a month for adults and $17 a month for children, however you can rent as many jerseys as your heart desires.

If you have ever heard of Gamefly, Rep the Squad has a similar concept when it comes to Jersey rentals. Each customer has their own profile or “locker” in which they rank what jersey’s they would like to wear from favorite to least favorite. If the jersey that you have at the top your locker is available, that will be the one you rent. If not, then the next available Jersey will be selected.

Once you are ready to return the current jersey, it will be automatically added back into the company’s inventory, and your next jersey will automatically be shipped.

The average Jersey cost of a jersey is $200 and lot more for the exclusive, color options, vintage, etc. With this subscription service, Rep The Squad plan to make variation and color option worn each week available for fans to rent.


Now of course you can only have one Jersey out at a time, but this does give you opportunity to rent multiple player Jerseys. So if you’re a an Oakland fan one week you can wear a Derek Carr jersey. After that you can get a Marshawn Lynch Jersey, and then the following week you can wear a Khalil Mack Jersey.

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Lastly, you are probably wondering about damages, stains, and cleaning requirements. Rep the Squad has stated as long as Jersey comes back in one piece (i.e. no burns holes, mutilation, or extreme circumstances), the then customer will not be charged. They have somewhat of a laissez fair type of attitude, as they are taken the approach that jersey get dirty in “heat of the game” or wing sauce or beer gets spilled in the midst of a touch down celebration.

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This could be one of the most frugal option that football fans have ever seen. Especially for those who attend a professional football game for the first time in their life and want to wear a jersey, but if you do not want to drop oodles money upfront, then Rep The Squad may be perfect for you.