Work relationships can be tough, but maybe none are tougher than the former player and the NFL. 

Calvin Johnson Tells the Truth

Following an abrupt retirement by Calvin Johnson Jr. aka Megatron, the 6’ 5” specimen of a Wide-out, revealed that he became frustrated with constant mediocrity.

True. During his career as a Detroit Lion, they have averaged 3rd place in the NFC North with two Wild Card losses.

I can see where the 6x Pro-Bowler, Top 30 All-Time in both receiving yards, touchdowns, and current holder of most receiving yards in a season could complain.

Megatron, two years without a steady QB, balled out until Matthew Stafford was drafted in 2009. The Detroit Lions then, modeled themselves as a pass heavy team lacking a true superstar at RB since Barry Sanders. His complaints went unknown until Johnson declined a invitation to Lion’s training camp.

Besides courting Megatron out of retirement to a receiving corps lacking threats who knows if Lion’s brass were aware of Megatron’s frustrations.


Eric Dickerson Not Allowed on Rams Sideline

Others frustrations are well-known and broadcast daily, like the beef between Los Angeles Rams.(St. Louis Rams at the time.) Eric Dickerson, Hall-of-Fame RB, who rumbled for the Rams in the 80’s, ruffled the feathers of head coach Jeff Fisher.

Post-career, Dickerson went into broadcasting for Los Angeles sports affiliates and in 2016 hosted a Monday afternoon program.

The same year Fisher appeared on Hard Knocks stating his infamous “7-9 Bullshit” speech. To me, Fisher is like a failed Bill Belicheck clone. Rams upper management caught wind of Dickerson’s constant  criticism of Rams 2016 woes. Later, Dickerson was made aware of his ban from the sidelines.

Dickerson shut the door on his former team,

As long as he[Jeff Fisher] is head coach, I’ll never come to a game. I’ll watch from a distance.”

After starting out  4-9, then he was promptly fired.

Chris Kluwe Outspoken and Real

Politics can wedge a huge gap between a player and team. Chris Kluwe averaged 44.1 yards per punt. He holds punting records for the Vikings, played through torn ACLs in his kicking foot.

There is little respect for kickers and punters nowadays but, my hats off to Kluwe. He retired in 2014 and highly doubted a return due to his outspoken stance on same sex marriage and relationships.

Kluwe’s allegations of his release drew the attention Minnesota’s Chief Justice. But, the investigation halted due to an uncooperative witness. Can’t tarnish the billion dollar franchise. Am I right?