Is Dallas Cowboys’ QB Tony Romo Actually Overweight?

QB Tony Romo Actually Overweight

Is QB Tony Romo Actually Overweight

Plastered over Twitter, smeared over Instagram and even in the news, Tony Romo made headlines for all the wrong reasons. In a picture snapped by Jon Machota, Tony Romo is seen jogging at Cowboys practice looking more like a Thanksgiving Turkey than the starting quarterback of the Cowboys.

Romo becomes another in the long line of celebrities marched out for public enjoyment with a bad photo that makes him look pudgy. He has had a long off season recovering from injury and many are now chatting that the long off season was a little too long and maybe way off.

The Cowboys last playoff game was a loss to the Green Bay Packers on January 11th, 2015. If you ask Cowboy fans how long it’s been, they’ll probably say a lifetime. The Cowboys are one of the few teams in the NFL that are simply expected to make the playoffs every year and Romo has undoubtedly been a great quarterback and led them to some wins.

However, he has had a rocky relationship with the public since being donned “Choke-mo” back in the 2006 losing to Seattle when a routine hold for a place kick went awry. Then he dated Jessica Simpson, which went over like a lead balloon.


Dallas fans will most likely tell you that they don’t care whether Romo has put on a few pounds or even a few hundred. They need him to play at a high level no matter what his weight may be. High expectations for the Romo-led team have fallen short in recent years, plagued by injury, haunted by sketchy calls, dotted with fallabilities. Should he look more like Jabba the Hutt than Troy Aikman, but win a title there won’t be many complaints down in Texas. Cowboy fans are ready to see 1995 happen all over again. They’ve waited long enough and surprisingly, stayed quite patient.

This is probably just a passing Twitter fad, a blip on the radar of NFL news that will be long forgotten once the first minute of the first game starts. Announcers and journalists won’t be bringing this up again and again as the season continues, especially if the Cowboys win their first few games.  The internet memes will die down once real football action resumes and there is more to talk about than whether or not Tony Romo became hopelessly addicted to Papa John’s Pizza in order to be more like Peyton Manning. When action on the field starts, their starting quarterback will cease to be Tony McRomo and will be Number 9.

But the chance looms that the season will start off on the wrong foot, the pot will get stirred and the talking heads will start chewing the fat once more. Tony’s real physique will once again transform phantasmagorically into the amorphous blob being taunted by social media. Winning can solve everything, but losing can quickly bring up the sordid past, even if it’s just the public having a little fun.

The season is in Tony’s hands, the narrative up to him. He can be hero, or submarine.

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