Panthers fans and Michael Oher fans alike have been sitting, waiting, hoping, wishing to hear of the lineman’s return from the circle of Hell known as ‘The Concussion Protocol.’ Oher himself may have provided insight as to why he’s still sidelined with the medical issue when he posted a picture on his Instagram account with the caption, “All for the brain smh”.

The post was later deleted, but still lives on in the cyber world thanks to a football analyst’s quick thinking.

The many pills Micheal Oher has to take on a daily basis. The post was quickly deleted.

The many pills Micheal Oher has to take on a daily basis. The post was quickly deleted.

The controversial photo portrayed ten, (yes ten) prescription bottles, nine of which were from a well known pharmacy chain and the other sporting the logo of a local hospital.

The post seems to infer that all of these meds are for the concussion he sustained in the Panthers’ 22-10 loss to the Vikings in the third week of the 2016 season.

News of Oher’s recovery has been nonexistent, which makes for bad news in North Carolina. After all, the breakdown of the offensive line has been purportedly blamed for the disintegration of the team’s success. Reports have also started surfacing that the organization doesn’t plan to bring him back for the 2017 season, evident by Big Mike still not making an appearance on the official depth chart.

What’s more, Oher’s injury has been overshadowed by his off-season altercation with an Uber driver in Nashville earlier this spring. (What altercation with an Uber driver? This one.) This obviously hasn’t helped him plead his case to the front office, who could be eyeballing a $4.5 million surplus if they decide to part ways with the tackle.

Oher has reportedly made an appearance at mini-camp, but seemingly has yet to take the field.

This is yet another example of why ‘The Concussion Protocol’ is a much needed evil. Here is a young man who was in all likelihood promised the world via a football career and now is confronted with what course of action to take now that has eroded.

What’s more, the detriment that this will have on Oher’s health and ability to interact with those around him on a day-in and day-out basis has been compromised.

Sure there are those who will contend that players in Oher’s situation will always have their college degrees to fall back on. However, if all that information lies in shambles somewhere in the inner recesses of what was once fully-coherent minds, then said degrees aren’t really worth the paper they’re printed on.

It would be disappointing to lose a player like Michael Oher.

It would be a tragedy to lose a member of society like Michael Oher.