A lot of people are wondering whether the Oakland Raiders moving to Las Vegas is a possibility.

Oakland Raiders Moving

Oakland Raiders Moving to Las Vegas?

Truth is, it’s as much a possibility as it is Donald Trump becoming our next President — meaning it’s a possibility.

As of right now, not a lot of progress has been made in moving the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas. A lot of talk, a lot of hype and a lot of support, but little action for quite some time.

That all might change on Monday, when the Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee will meet in Vegas to discuss this possibility.

There are essentially two major questions that need to be answered before either party can take a step forward: location and money.


Location, location, location..

Before the Raiders, Las Vegas or the NFL begin thinking about funding for the move and the new stadium, they first need to find a location for the Raiders to play. Without land, you can’t build a stadium. Without a stadium, you can’t play football.

So far, there has been a proposed domed stadium that would seat approximately 65,000 fans. There have been several ideas regarding where to build the stadium, but it is believed that both sides are aiming for land near the Las Vegas Strip. Conveniently located near a university, the airport and one of the biggest tourist attraction sites, the Strip would be the ideal location — not to mention an NHL team right around the corner.

Once the two sides can get the location figured out and finalized, then they can turn to the money issue. Let’s hope they can AT LEAST figure this out on Monday.


Dolla dolla bill, y’all..

First off, it needs to be understood that moving an NFL team to a city that isn’t a sports city is going to cost quite a bit of money. However, it’s money that the Raiders and Las Vegas are ready to spend. Oakland Raiders Moving

At first, it was estimated that the cost in full to bring the Raiders to Vegas would be $1.4 billion. However, after a more recent calculation that number is perceived to be closer to $2 billion. This number will be finalized once the committee can figure out the location, giving them a better idea of exact costs.

On the other hand, they also have to figure out how much of that exact cost will come at the hands of public funds. Nearly a month ago, people who were reportedly interested in helping to fund the move proposed that public funds assist with $750 million of that total number. It’s also nearly $200 million higher than the original proposal.

The money side is one of the more important parts to this process. Once the money situation is figured out and handled, then the committee can proceed to Brian Sandoval’s office — the office of the Governor of Nevada.

If approved by Sandoval, then the Raiders would be moving to Las Vegas and the NFL would have to support it. That shouldn’t be a problem, though, because a lot of owners have already expressed their support.

This could be the move the Raiders need — and the addition Las Vegas needs.

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