The Miami Dolphins cut one of the most notorious defensive tackles, and he is sizzling on the block. Ndamukong Suh has met with the Saints, Rams, and the Titans with the Jets flashing deep pockets before rescinding their offer. He is watching the tides pass and mulling over his choices from his Oregon home.

The fall of the aqua and orange ax came as a surprise for many. Suh was halfway through his 6-year deal with a calm demeanor and good stats despite playing outside his comfort zone. Whatever the reason for the separation, Ndamukong Suh is a free beast with options.

Why Ndamukong Suh?

Suh’s reputation is equal parts impressive tackle and reckless abuser. His abilities on the field have been top tier since high school and he has amassed over 280 tackles in his 7-year career. He also stomps on people, stiff arms them in the back of the head, and set people up for career ending failure. His highlight reels are full of savagery. When he played for the Detroit Lions, he beat on Jay Cutler season after season  so viciously, it seemed like he wanted to break him. The irony in Cutler ending his career with Suh as a teammate is gold.

Personally, I think Suh is ready for a ring and his best bet is to go retire in Los Angeles. With the help of one of the most celebrated defensive coordinators, the Rams have built a nice defensive line and Suh could take it to championship level. The chemistry with Michael Brockers and Aaron Donald would be damaging. A historic 3 years could be in store for the Rams if Suh can be a star nose tackle and take a pay cut.

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