NFL Twitter Account Hacked; Roger Goodell Jokes About It

A hacker group that goes by the name Peggle Crew is claiming responsibility for the NFL Twitter account hacked on Tuesday, according to the good people over at Tech Insider. Someone representing the now-famous group spoke briefly with the outlet over email about how they accessed the NFL’s Twitter account.

“We got into a social media employee’s email and found the account password there,” a hacker said. “Not going to elaborate further.”

The hacker also said the group hacked the account “for the lulz,” whatever that means.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that the NFL is investigating the hack:

Shortly after 12:30 pm EST on Tuesday, the NFL Twitter account sent out this tweet informing fans that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had met his fate:


The tweet turned out to be the product of a malicious hack. Minutes after the tweet went out, the NFL deleted it. ESPN’s Adam Schefter also reported that Goodell was “working away” and not dead.

The hacker—who many have already guessed must be a Patriots Quarterback Head Coach fan—continued to send out pretty funny tweets from the NFL’s Twitter account:


Goodell is “alive and well,” according to a tweet sent out by the NFL’s Vice President of Communications, Brian McCarthy.


Goodell is a pretty controversial commissioner, but obviously the hacker group went too far. He has served as commissioner since 2006 and has been involved in quite a few issues over the years, most recently the Deflate-gate scandal involving Tom Brady and the Patriots.

The NFL Twitter account is the latest high-profile Twitter account to be hacked. Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner, Drake, Jack Black, and Mark Zuckerberg (ironic) have all had their Twitter accounts compromised since the end of May.

Roger Goodell tweeted this just to let everyone know he was okay:

Related to the Twitter Hack

A popular joke in the NFL is when something bad happens, Pittsburgh Steelers’ linebacker James Harrison will be fined for it no matter what. A little over an hour after the account was hacked, James Harrison took to Instagram to say he received a ‘Random’ drug test from the NFL.

“True Story: 12:36pm: NFL Twitter account was hacked. 1:55pm: I get notice that I have another random PED test tomorrow.”

And let us not forget one of the classic twitter hacks, one that actually cost someone money. On draft night back in April, Laremy Tunsil had his Twitter and Instagram accounts compromised. As a result, he almost had his life ruined due to pics of him smoking weed and conversations between he and ex-coaches at Ole Miss were shared with the viewing audience.

In an interview with ESPN’s Mike and Mike the next morning, Goodell claimed the hackings of Laremy Tunsil’s social media accounts were “what makes the draft so exciting.” Now, obviously, in a week where two of some of the biggest names in sports passed away like Muhammad Ali and Kimbo Slice, it isn’t funny to joke about or fake the idea of another major sports figure passing away. After what Roger Goodell said about Laremy Tunsil, it’s only ironic fitting that he fell victim to an apparent hacking – no matter who the culprit was.

Again, death is nothing to joke about, but the NFL having their Twitter account hacked and the bulk of the joke being on Roger Goodell, you have to admit, is pretty funny. I am glad he took it in a joking fashion showing everyone that he doesn’t take himself that seriously.

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