New York Jets Want a Ryan Fitzpatrick Return

The New York Jets have been one of the teams this off-season in a scramble to find a quarterback. At the beginning of the free-agency period, options were plentiful. However, with almost all of the big-names taken, their options are dwindling down to the few.

Last season, the New York Jets posted a 10-6 record with Ryan Fitzpatrick as their starting quarterback. Playing all 16 games, Fitzpatrick completed 335 of his 562 passes, throwing for 3,905 yards, 31 touchdowns and 15 interceptions. It was Fitzpatrick’s first career 30+ touchdown season in the NFL.

New York Jets, Ryan Fitzpatrick

Last season with the Jets, Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for a career-high, as well as a franchise record, 31 touchdown passes.

After spending four years with the Buffalo Bills, Fitzpatrick had trouble finding a home. He left the Bills after the 2012 season, when he threw for 24 touchdowns and 16 interceptions, which was arguably his most successful season to that point. He spent the 2013 season with the Tennessee Titans, but didn’t impress the team enough in his first season with them. The 2014 season saw another team-change for the quarterback, who took his talent to the Houston Texans. However, he saw the same outcome as the year before.

Looking for another shot, he joined the New York Jets last season. Needless to say, it seems he proved to the team that he might be their best shot moving forward. Currently, Fitzpatrick doesn’t have a deal signed with anyone. However, New York Jets’ owner Woody Johnson has expressed his interest in re-signing Fitzpatrick for more years to come.

According to reports, the New York Jets are ready to offer Fitzpatrick around $7 million per year. On the other hand, Fitzpatrick is looking for a contract that would reward him with approximately $14 million per year. Although the two parties aren’t exactly on the same page, Johnson remains optimistic that they can get a deal done in time for the regular season.

Johnson remained blunt when he made a statement on Fitzpatrick, saying: “Come back to the Jets.” He proceeded to show a lot of respect for Fitzpatrick as a player, teammate and person in general:

“I like him a lot as a person. He’s very engaging. He’s great with kids, great with our fans, great with our players. They really respect him. He’s two guys. He’s the Harvard guy and then he’s the normal guy. They all make fun of him for being a Harvard guy, but he’s a normal guy, too,” said Woody Johnson.

It looks like a deal will be reached, although questions remain about the amount of the deal and when it will be reached. Keep in mind, there is still a chance that the New York Jets get thrown into next season without Ryan Fitzpatrick behind center. In that case, who else do the New York Jets have?

What Other Options Do the New York Jets Have?

If a deal doesn’t get reached with Fitzpatrick, the Jets will have limited options for them. First of all, let’s take a look at who they already have in-house.

First up is a familiar face to Jets’ fans, only because he disappointed the team in his first two NFL seasons. Drafted by the team in the 2nd Round of the 2013 NFL Draft, Geno Smith tried to bring hope to a lost franchise. However, he under-performed as the team’s starter in his first two seasons, throwing for 25 touchdowns and 34 interceptions in that span. Needless of the past, the Jets have already stated that they are prepared to sta

New York Jets, Robert Griffin III

If the New York Jets can’t find a starting quarterback in-house, their options are limited.

nd behind Geno, if needed.

Next up is Bryce Petty, who was a 4th-round pickup in the 2015 NFL Draft. Petty had a strong career with Baylor University, especially in his last two seasons in college. For Baylor, Petty threw for 61 touchdowns and only 10 interceptions during the 2013 and 2014 seasons. Although he has never played a snap in the NFL, we all know that hasn’t stopped quarterbacks in the past from proving they belong.

If the New York Jets still aren’t comfortable with their choices, they can choose to grab one of the remaining quarterbacks in free agency. However, their options would be limited. Looking at who’s left in free agency, their best options would be Robert Griffin III, who has already visited the Jets, TJ Yates, Matt Flynn or Josh Freeman. As you can see, talent is scarce at the point. Not to mention, RGIII can probably be taken off that list due to his interest in joining the Cleveland Browns.