Who Will Earn the New York Jets Quarterback Job?

Who knows who the New York Jets quarterback will be at the beginning of the season. At the end of last season, and once free agency was in full force, QB Ryan Fitzpatrick decided he was worth more than the Jets were willing to pay him.  Granted, he was the obvious choice last season at the position. Fitzpatrick rose up both from a skill perspective, and the fact that the incumbent Geno Smith got punched in the face by a teammate, rendering him useless with a broken jaw.

New York Jets quarterback

Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for a franchise-record 31 touchdowns last season, leading the Jets to a 10-6 season.

With that being said, Fitzpatrick put together a nice season last year.  He completed nearly 60% of his passes for just under 4,000 yards and amassed 31 TD’s, albeit with 15 INT’s.  Many attributed his success to both his cerebral superiority (he graduated from Harvard), and also the fact that the once anemic New York Jets quarterback game now had two stud receivers in Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker.

Clearly, Fitzpatrick thought a 10-6 season, with the aforementioned numbers, warranted more money when it comes to renegotiating his contract.  With his 13th season upcoming, is he really worth the $18-$19 million that the elite starters in the league are getting? He sure thinks so. However, he has failed thus far to garner interest from any team at that price point.  There are plenty of teams who could use his services, none of which however, have called him with an open check book.

The NY Jets and fans alike all seem to believe a deal will be reached with Fitzpatrick once he returns to Earth, and the reality that a more conservative deal is more likely suitable for him than Cam Newton or Tom Brady money.  The Jets hope that time is sooner than later so they can move on with the draft approaching next month.  This league however, is full of surprises and anything can happen as we have all too often seen.  That means the NY Jets and their front office wont be sitting around waiting, but instead actively looking for viable alternatives to be named the New York Jets quarterback.

Will the New York Jets Quarterback Come in a Trade?

New York Jets quarterback

Mike Glennon remains an option to take over the New York Jets quarterback job.

Many names have entered the discussion when it has come to the New York Jets quarterback question.  There have been talks of Josh McCown, Brian Hoyer, Mike Glennon, and also Colin Kaepernick.  While Hoyer and McCown are both expected to be released by their respective teams, and the Jets seemingly lost interest in Kaepernick, that leaves Mike Glennon.  His name has risen to the surface out of the bunch in recent days. Glennon “played” behind Jameis Winston last season for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  I use the word “played” in quotations because he basically wore what looked like a dummy headset and held a blank clipboard most of the season.

Glennon does have starting experience, though, and he is still young at 26 years old, but the Bucs are looking for way more in return for him than he may be worth.  At best, he’s worth a late round draft pick, not a top pick the Bucs are interested in. At 6’6″, with a cannon for an arm, he would be a fairly okay fit in Chan Gailey’s offense, but he’s far less mobile than Fitzpatrick and arguably makes less than desirable decisions when under pressure.  These are many of the reasons the Bucs abandoned him prior to drafting Winston, and also many of the reasons the Jets will most likely pass on him too, since they want to move forward, not back to the days of the “Sanchize.”