Todd Bowles and the New York Jets flew high in 2015, racking up 10 wins, only to fall short in 2016, after bungling crucial re-signings. With Bowles seat at Head Coach warming as we speak, the Jets, with 3 months until kickoff, have decided to abandon ship on their current build.

Circus Back in Town

I hoped Fitzpatrick, with his Harvard intelligence and perfect Wonderlic score would shine. It was all hype, after minor stints in Houston, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Tennessee, Houston(again), and finally onto the Jets in 2015. Fitzpatrick would be the end to the prior circus under Rex Ryan. A blockbuster season in 2015 somehow lead to a dud in 2016

Musical Chairs

It began with what I perceive as a finger pointing contest, the Jets and Fitzpatrick finally agreed on a 1-year deal well into training camp. In 2016, Fitzy had flown too close to the sun and flopped. I’ve always thought the Jets wide receiver corps ( Eric Decker, Brandon Marshall, and Pro-bowler RB Matt Forte out of the backfield) as a decent situation.

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After dismal performances, Fitzpatrick swapped starting spots with Geno Smith, but re-emerged as the starter as Geno was injured against the Baltimore Ravens.(I attended that game.) The QB chair had swapped as Fitzpatrick was benched in place of Bryce Petty for the final four games of the season.

Fitzpatrick, a free agent, signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a backup to Jameis Winston. In a statement post-signing, Fitzpatrick commented that the position was like ‘Musical Chairs’. The music stopped and Fitzpatrick’s chair was pulled. Seems like he blames the New York Jets.

Nice spin, Ryan.

Demo Phase for the New York Jets

The off-season took it’s toll. Brandon Marshall, entered free agency, but stays in MetLife as a New York Giant. Eric Decker, silent in most of 2016 due to injury, is scheduled for release or trade. Eh, I don’t mind this as Quincy Enunwa, Decker’s backup, showed out this season. The Jets drafted several Safeties, spelling the end of the Calvin Pryor’s Jet Career in trade for Former Jet LB Demario Davis.

Davis’s signing meant an surprising end to 10-year defensive staple David Harris.


I’m of the mind that they should have moved earlier on bigger fish in the free agency. Maybe instead of signing Career Band-Aid QB Brian Hoyer, the New York Jets should have leaned into Tony Romo and, sigh, Jay Cutler well before they took up broadcasting. Or even a Kirk Cousins who is in Franchise Tag limbo with the Redskins. Defensively, their front seven is still formidable, but the secondary is full of holes.

Jets fans wait for Hell to freeze over.  Source: Twitter

Jets fans wait for Hell to freeze over.
Source: Twitter

Prepare to tank, Jets Fans. T-A-N-K Tank! Tank! Tank!

I only ask one thing of AFC East Teams: Beat the Patriots.