Mini Fight During New York Jets Training Camp Between Brandon Marshall and Darrelle Revis

Mini Fight During New York Jets Training Camp

Mini Fight During New York Jets Training Camp

Will the mini fight during New York Jets training camp between receiver Brandon Marshall and cornerback Darrelle Revis give the Jets the edge needed for a successful season?

Younger players and ex-players like Chad Johnson believe the tension is great and could translate to wins on the field. Remember the video of Cam Newton smiling while he fought Josh Norman? The Carolina Panthers went on to go 15-1.

The New York Jets seem to be following the same formula. Things got a little chippy last Friday during practice. While trash talk is expected, the taunts between Marshall and Revis got physical. Revis has been accused of making “off the field” personal comments towards Marshall, who seemed to get under Revis’ skin when he reminded him of the two touchdowns scored against him by DeAndre Hopkins last season.


Disrespect Leads to Disrespect

Revis says he wasn’t fazed that and felt disrespected by Marshall’s taunting after catching a pass on him and throwing up a first down signal.

The two had been going head to head since the start of practice. Revis beat Marshall twice, but things got chippy once Marshall found his groove. Marshall said, “I beat him two times in a row, and on the third, he swung and hit me in the face.. I told him, ‘Don’t ever put your hands in my face again like that.’.. It kind of went too far, but there’s a thin line between football and being a man.“

Marshall felt disrespected because he believes the treatment he received during the one-on-one is reserved for rookies. He tried to land an open-handed slap on Revis, but he dodged it. Former NFL offensive lineman and current team staffer, Dave Szott, separated the players while wide receiver Quincy Enunwa wrapped Marshall in a bear hug and carried him away.

Despite how chippy things got during practice, Marshall insists there are no harbored ill feelings between the two. Revis initially declined to speak to reporters, but has since stated it is good for the two of them to compete as they have. He insists:

“I’m not going to stop competing the way I compete.. It’s football, man.”

Jets coach Todd Bowles told reporters the clash between players is healthy and “no big deal”, yet he did not have Revis cover Marshall on any pass plays during the scrimmage held the following day.

This was Revis’ first full practice since his wrist surgery during the offseason. He is preparing for his 11th season in the league. During that time, he has scored a total of three touchdowns and 75 assisted tackles.

(Mini Fight During New York Jets Training Camp)