The Detroit Lions have agreed to a five-year $135 million contract with QB Matthew Stafford, making him the highest paid player in the game. Stafford has proven, to some, that he is worth it. He holds his franchise records for completions (2,634), yards (30,303), touchdowns (187) and attempts (4,285).

Whether or not you agree with their decision, it is a ton of money for one person. If you ever find yourself in this enviable position, here are a few ways to spend that hard earned cash.

1) A House

Recently comedian Danny Thomas’s home hit the market for a cool $135 million. It is a gorgeous home with seven bedrooms, ten bathrooms, and 360 degree views of Los Angeles. It has 2.5 yards and gorgeous architecture. Do not miss out on the baccarat chandeliers, golf leaf ceilings and crown molding.

A Picture of Danny Thomas’ estate from the LA Times.

2) A Helicopter

For getting back and forth quickly, you could have a fleet at your disposal, with prices ranging from $1 million and up. A solid choice is the Mercedes-Benz EC 145 with a top speed of 153 mph. It costs a cool $5.5 million.


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3) Art

The Portrait de L’Artiste sans Barbe by Picasso has been auctioned off previously for $71.5 million and had an adjusted price tag of $98.5 million in 2011. Who knows what it might be worth nowadays?

4) Lifelong Passes to Every Theme Parks in the US

If you are looking for thrills or nostalgia, you can take your pick from Disneyland, and Kings Island or anything in between. Loops, turns and wacky characters await your personal enjoyment.

5) Your Very Own Hollywood Movie

You can pay for some of the highest paid stars and even maybe make some money back if you have a successful idea. Leonardo DiCaprio and Angelina Jolie are certainly a good team for success.

6) College Degrees

You will have plenty of universities and degrees to choose from to entertain your every whim and curiosity.
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7) The Realistic Stuff that You Should Actually Do

donate to charity, buy a lifetime supply of socks, blind trust, and donate to cancer research. No matter what you do with your money, there are certainly options to spend Stafford’s salary on, we can only hope that he’s actually worth it.  I know that the Lions will be.