After a year hiatus filled with skittles and traveling the world, Marshawn Lynch is back in the NFL.  After multiple rumors, it has been confirmed that Lynch will be donning black and silver this year for his hometown Oakland Raiders.

Marshawn Lynch Story

Marshawn Lynch Probably Already Has This…

It seems like no matter the sport, somehow LeBron James’ name pops up. 

Thanks to him, there has been a noticeable increase in players coming “home” to play for their home team. After heading back to Cleveland, you saw D Wade head back home to the Chi, Garnett finished up where it all started in Minnesota, and now Marshawn Beast Mode Lynch is finally getting what he’s been waiting for; an opportunity to play for Oakland.

The Raiders secured Lynch on their roster by sending a 2018 fifth-round draft pick to the Seahawks.   In addition to Lynch, the Raiders also received a sixth-round pick in this years draft.

Derek Carr Welcomes Marshawn Lynch

When Marshawn finally arrived to the Raiders training facility, it was like draft day all over again for Lynch.  You could see the sinister grin of excitement from ear to ear. 

You could still see the grin under his helmet that he still had on as he was leaving the facility.  The 31 year old running back with the second most (A. Peterson is first surprisingly) rushing TD’s since 2007  was back where he belonged and probably in the best shape ever.

Lynch’s stats took a disastrous pitfall in 2015 but between his excitement, nature excursions with Bear Grylls during retirement, and that heaven sent offensive line, I think its safe to say that Lynch is a first-round fantasy football draft pick (in all honesty, that’s all that really matters to us).

We love Marshawn Lynch so much because not once has he ever stopped being who he was because of being a professional athlete.  He doesn’t allow sponsors to play Geppetto and pull his strings through interviews and press conferences. 

You don’t have to agree with everything he says or does, but every athlete aspiring to be on that stage should take heed to the amount of self confidence Beast Mode will be running over… running through defenses with.