Tennessee Titans Give Away Their No. 1 Overall Draft Pick in a Los Angeles Rams Trade

The Los Angeles Rams trade turned heads everywhere in the sports world when it was announced that they traded up for the No. 1 overall pick on Thursday. The complete trade looks like this:

Rams Receive:

2016 Pick #1, Pick #113, Pick #177

Titans Receive:

2016 Pick #15, Pick #43, Pick #45, Pick #76

2017 Rams’ 1st Round Pick, Rams’ 3rd Round Pick

Los Angeles Rams TradeAs expected, the price for the number 1 overall pick in the draft comes at a hefty price. The Rams are giving up a lot in this deal, but they clearly feel they are making the correct move to put this team in the right direction. With Case Keenum, Nick Foles and Sean Mannion being the three current quarterbacks on the roster, it was apparent the Rams were not confident in any of them.

The Los Angeles Rams trade to grab the number 1 pick almost surely means a quarterback will be taken. The question then becomes who? There are two top prospects in the draft, and then everyone else basically.

Carson Wentz from North Dakota State and California’s Jared Goff are the two guys expected to be the first signal callers off the board. While initial reports stated the Rams planned to select Wentz, reports of late have been looking in the direction of Goff. Regardless of what the pick is, the Rams feel they are getting their franchise guy and hoping it is not another Sam Bradford situation.

Who Wins the Trade?

In most cases, the team acquiring the 1st overall pick looks to be the obvious winner. However, that is not the case here. Deals like this are normally done when the top quarterback is a guy like Andrew Luck, who had a lot of success in college and is definitely pro ready. The same comparison cannot be made with Wentz or Goff. They are two guys who enjoyed very successful careers in college and will probably make good NFL quarterbacks, but we just are not sold on them being franchise guys.

The thought process for the Rams was clear; they do not have a dependable quarterback entering the 2016 season and who knows how good the quarterback class will be in 2017. Getting Wentz or Goff will start the Los Angeles franchise off well, but it may have come with too steep a price.

The Titans now possess six of the top 76 draft picks. General Manager Jon Robinson had this to say of the deal:

“Being able to acquire six players in the top 76 this year, along with next year when you factor that into it – I am assuming five in the top three rounds – that is 11 players that we can add to this football team that should not only increase our depth, but give us good quality players at all those positions.”

The Titans are now able to address needs across the board, and with quality players as well. Robinson, after becoming the General Manger this offseason, has already made some huge moves. The Titans have added 10 new players this offseason including former Eagles and Cowboys running back, DeMarco Murray.

Now holding so many picks in the early stages of the draft, this Titans’ team can build around their franchise QB that they selected last year, Marcus Mariota.

Shaping the Rest of the First Round

So, the Los Angeles Rams trade gave them the 1st overall pick and the Titans have a plethora of picks. How does this change the first round in particular?

Well, first off, Laremy Tunsil, who almost everyone had going first overall in their mock drafts, will not be the pick any longer. The Rams would not trade everything and the kitchen sink to select a tackle. This likely means Goff and Wentz go 1-2 to the Rams and Browns. That leaves the Chargers with a decision on taking Tunsil or Jalen Ramsey, both of which are needs.

More so, with Wentz and Goff likely gone in the top 7 for sure, that leaves Paxton Lynch as the next quarterback on the board. He rises on draft boards not due to anything he has done, but because of this trade. Projected as a late first round pick, Lynch now shoots up into the top 20 talks. He can make sense at 20 to the Jets if no deal with Fitzpatrick is made.

Trades like this rarely happen, but when they do it shakes up the entire draft. Everything we thought we knew yesterday about the draft, has changed in a day. All the mock drafts analysts have spent time conducting as of recent are shot.

This is the joy of draft season, NFL fans. Whether we will see anymore trades of this caliber is still unknown, but one thing is for sure, this draft will be one to remember.