Las Vegas Mayor Believes Raiders Possibly Coming; In Talks With Mark Davis

Las Vegas Mayor Believes Raiders Possibly Coming

Las Vegas Mayor Believes Raiders Possibly Coming

The Mayor of Las Vegas, Carolyn Goodman believes the Oakland Raiders will relocate to Sin City real soon. Carolyn Goodman believes Raiders’ owner, Mark Davis, isn’t just using Vegas as leverage to get a better stadium deal in Oakland.

Davis met with the Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee on April 28 and pledged $500 million toward the construction of a $1.4 billion, 65,000-seat domed stadium.

The Raiders were in competition with the San Diego Chargers and the St. Louis Rams for a spot in Los Angeles. The NFL ultimately approved to move the Rams to Inglewood, California. With the Chargers trying to stay in San Deigo, it makes perfect sense for the Raiders to relocate to Las Vegas.

The NFL’s stadium fund will account for $200 of the $500 million. The Sands Hotel and Majestic Realty are in for $150 million and the $750 million difference is ticketed to be made up with a less than 1% increase in the hotel tax. In other words, the tourists will pay for it. Letting the tourists pay for the rest is a smart and risky move. If any city can leverage tourism, though, it’s Las Vegas.

A Las Vegas Move Would Be Best For Business 

The Raiders moving to Las Vegas would be a win-win for the league and the state of Nevada. The economic value would be enormous. The infrastructure is there, not to mention the stadium could be used for other events like a Super Bowl, Wrestlemania, MLS and Final Four.

Las Vegas is close enough for Raiders’ fans in LA, Phoneix, and other neighboring areas. A lot of road teams’ fans will jump at the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas for a weekend getaway. All that means is more money for the community.

The Raiders in Vegas would become the preferred destination for free agents. Imagine the wine and dine tour up and down The Strip, maybe a concert burlesque show, a championship fight, some silver dollars for the slot machines, etc. The Raiders would be a premiere attraction once again. Just keep Johnny Manzel away from the Raiders, please.

I’m sure the NFL would prefer the Raiders going somewhere else, preferably London. The Raiders are an American team and what’s more American than Sin City?

(Las Vegas Mayor Believes Raiders Possibly Coming)