Laremy Tunsil Controversy Highlights NFL Draft; Drops to No. 13

Laremy Tunsil Controversy Highlights NFL Draft

Laremy Tunsil Controversy Highlights NFL Draft

Laremy Tunsil, an offensive tackle from Ole Miss, was selected 13th overall in the 2016 NFL Draft by the Miami Dolphins. This was actually the first surprise dealing with Tunsil. For months leading up to the draft, Tunsil was labeled as the number one pick by experts everywhere. However, after Los Angeles and Philadelphia traded up into the top 2 picks, it was apparent Tunsil would not go number one or even two anymore.

He then began to slip even further due to questions about his durability and the emergence of Ronnie Stanley. What came in the thirteen minutes leading up to the Draft is what was really compelling.

Tunsil’s Twitter account was hacked and pictures of him in a gas mask smoking weed emerged. Tunsil stated it happened a long time ago and was a mistake. He also passed all drug tests at the combine. The reason of his falling in the draft may not have been from him smoking weed. Someone out there plotted to humiliate and cost Laremy Tunsil money and now the Dolphins will have to take on the person or people gunning for Tunsil.

Even More Controversy…

That was only one of two hacks to put Tunsil on the spot after being drafted. Later on, screenshots of text messages between him and an Ole Miss Athletic Coordinator surfaced on his Instagram account discussing payment for Tunsil’s rent as well as his mother’s $305 utility bill. Tunsil took accountability after finding out about the leaked information.

“I made a mistake. That happened,” he said.Laremy Tunsil Controversy Highlights NFL Draft

When questioned if any coaches had paid him, Tunsil said, “I’d have to say yeah.”

This was all an awful thing to happen to a kid on the biggest day of his life. He smoked marijuana once in college. He said he made a mistake and he has not failed any drug tests. A guy projected to go that high in the draft is studied thoroughly by NFL teams.

They knew everything about Tunsil and smoking pot one time was not going to keep him off draft boards. Furthermore, we all know big time colleges everywhere are slipping players money under the table. The game is to not get caught. Well, Ole Miss was caught and will now suffer consequences no doubt.

The media was waiting to hear from Tunsil at the normal press conference teams hold to introduce the new players. However, he did not show due to an allergic reaction as stated by Dolphins Vice President Mike Tannenbaum and Head Coach Adam Gase.

(Laremy Tunsil Controversy Highlights NFL Draft )