Kaepernick should retire, officially.

I’m a little confused. I may, or may not have seen a statement from Colin Kaepernick about retirement. It may have just been a bombardment of Kaepernick-centric statements that got jumbled.

Do I agree with it? Who’s to say. Everybody goes about their business a different way. But do I have much, much respect for him? Hell yeah.” – Jeremy Kerley

Maumoud Abdul-Rauf, a former NBA Player who drew controversy for praying during the National Anthem in 1995 thinks he’s being black-balled. Jeremy Kerley, Kaepernick’s teammate in 2016, recently praised him and his work ethic. And the San Francisco 49ers have apologized for  leaking negative reports about Kaepernick’s work ethic.

For an unemployed professional football player, it’s an understatement to say Kaepernick is a hot topic, maybe bigger than his Super Bowl appearance.

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf  Source: Twitter

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf
Source: Twitter

“He’s being black-balled. I’m not surprised. As soon as it happened, I expected it. The same thing happened to me.” – Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf

I don’t wanna talk social issues. My opinions are outlandish and would make Huey P. Newton blush. But, here’s something tame enough for everyone: Kaepernick should officially retire. On Kaepernick’s twitter account, a recent hotbed of controversy, you’d see a flood of positive messages and blasts of his progressive efforts.


Read it. Kaepernick doesn’t mention talks with any teams or complaints or anger. It seems Kap has control of the situation. But it all seems a cry, that’s he’s on the up and up. I just want Kaepernick to make it clear: whether he’s for activism or an NFL Career.

I just want Kaepernick to make it clear: whether he’s for activism or an NFL Career.

With the 49ers devaluing him, the Seattle Seahawks dangling a job like a carrot, and NFL commentators dodging or evading, unlike Ray Lewis, who has a similar conundrum of Kaepernick’s actual status. His next step, his next tweet, should be about retirement. Most would believe that would be admitting defeat but, I feel, with his 1.1 Million followers, it would send a dedication to his social crusade and take away what seems like, a bondage to NFL Owners.

He’d seize power and out the NFL for what it is: a business.

Ugh, Football needs to start already. Off-Season feels like the regret of eating an entire large pizza. You enjoyed it, but, now the plates clean. You take a moment and look at everyone who watched you enjoy an entire pizza. They’re revulsed and you regret it.    

“I think there is a perception that football’s not on the top of his list. I think the way is to go sit down and do an interview and let people know exactly where you stand.” – John Lynch