Will Kaepernick Play for the Browns?

Last year was a disappointing year for San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. Spending a lot of the season on the bench, by coach’s decision, Kaepernick saw his offense get turned over to a different quarterback. This off-season, Kaepernick is searching for a new home and a new team. With a lot of teams in search of a quarterback, he definitely has some options.

Earlier this year, the Cleveland Browns named Hue Jackson as their new head coach. After a disappointing 3-13 season under Mike Pettine, the Browns were ready for a change at the head coach position. Although this has been an on-going problem with the Browns, who have had eight different head coaches since 1999, Jackson has tried to bring hope and hype to a city in desperate need.

Cleveland Browns, Kaepernick, Manziel

Manziel was released from the Cleveland Browns.

When the team drafted Manziel, we saw much of the same hype that Jackson is introducing. With that being said, should Cleveland Browns’ fans be nervous about the upcoming season? Well, that all depends on whether or not Jackson backs up his hype-talk. So far, it seems to be working.

With Manziel not a part of the team anymore, the Browns were in need of much more than a head coach. Luckily, bringing that head coach in might have fixed both problems. Recently, rumors have surfaced between the San Francisco 49ers and the Cleveland Browns. The talks have been regarding a trade, which could bring quarterback Colin Kaepernick to Cleveland. With other teams involved with Kaepernick, could this move be a strong possibility? According to Kaepernick himself, yes it could be.

Kaepernick Approves

Kaepernick has openly discussed his interest in playing for the Browns, saying that he really likes the idea of playing for Hue Jackson. History has shown that when quarterbacks and head coaches are on the same page, it can be seen on the score-sheet. With that being said, this could be a very smart move for both parties. Especially since Jackson has shown interest in Kaepernick for a while, dating back to the 2011 season. In that year, Jackson was the head coach of the Oakland Raiders, who were heavily considering trading up in the draft for a chance to draft him. Instead, the 49ers grabbed him before they had that chance.

“No question in my mind we wanted it to happen and no question I thought it could happen,” said Hue Jackson regarding their chance to draft Kaepernick in 2011. “We wanted the kid in the worst way,” he added. Well, it seems Jackson has another chance to get the man he wanted so bad years ago.