New York Jets rookie Jamal Adams is not a household name yet, but this past Monday he may have just made a name for himself.

During the the fan forum at Jet’s Training camp, several topics of discussion came up and with some of the most popular topics being player safety and CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy). As a result of questions asked, Adams thoughts on rules to protect players in the best way possible was that he’s “not a big fan” in a nonchalant way as if the dangers of playing this sport don’t exist or need to continuously be address.

“Literally, if I had to the perfect place to die, I’d die on the field.”

To make matters worse, when discussing CTE, Adams said “Literally, if I had to the perfect place to die, I’d die on the field.” Whether it be passion, selfishness, or stupidity that comment couldn’t have come at worse time in today’s world of football.

A lot of players nowadays are more health conscious before they put their body’s on the line. However, others still have the mentality of “I’m going to play until my body says stop or can’t take the punishment” anymore. Both of those mindsets puts a fork in the road, because it has an effect on the entertainment value of football.

We as fans love watching football for the spectacular plays, game changing moments, and even the big hits. The big hits are what makes the highlight reel, change the momentum of the game, and brings electricity into the stadium.

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Those big hits also end careers, create long term health problems, along with other things; however, those are the risks that players accept before stepping on the field. This is even getting down to the amateur level, where parents are even considering banning their children from playing football due to the more upfront awareness about long term health effects from significant injuries and repeated blows to the brain.

It’s tough argument to have, because football is one of the greatest sports on earth. And just like any other contact sport, head injuries can and do occur, which then could lead to long-term damage.

Some days it seems like people view the sport of football as health trend or that new discovered cancer cell in everyday food. Regardless, at the end of the day it’s still a part of life and things are going to happen. It’s just part of the game and the risk is accepted once a person make the decision to play football.

Jamal Adams has nothing to apologize for, because he has a right to his own opinion. But he does represent something bigger then himself and in our current environment being sensitive to certain topics is important.

Fans did applaud his comments, so it was decent press for the Jet’s, but he did receive backlash as well.

However, Commissioner Goodell tried to down play the comments as if Adams didn’t really mean what he said. If Adams would have said something silly like ” hey everyone I’m moving from Defensive to Offensive” as a joke during the fan forum that one would have been one thing, but he basically said if he died tomorrow on the football field he’d be at peace.

Not sure if he has any real goals after football, but sometimes you just have to live in the moment and hope for tomorrow or at least that seems to be the philosophy that Adams lives by.