For the record, Kaepernick opted out of his contract with the 49’ers at the end of the season. He is also still unemployed. His split from the team was expected with whispers that he would’ve been cut anyway.

Was that due to his performance on the field or the way he kicked Chip Kelly in the teeth before the start of the season?

Kaepernick’s representatives requested permission to trade hours after Kelly publicly endorsed him and his future with the 49’ers. No trade was secured and Kaepernick went on to have a dismal season. He spent 5 weeks on the bench due to “arm fatigue.” On the field, he seemed uncomfortable and predictable, missing wide open receivers and averaging less than 7 yards per pass attempt. Kaepernick has been struggling and his numbers are bleak.

Perhaps it was the “arm fatigue” or the multiple surgeries during the off season that caused Kaepernick to go 5 whole games without throwing any touchdowns. His rate of completion has kept him out of the top 20 percentile his entire career. He hardly resembles the promising quarterback that helped lead the 49’ers to two consecutive Super Bowls.

Kaepernick’s poor performance on the field in recent years does not reflect his character. He became quite the social activist last season simply by kneeling during the National Anthem in protest of oppression and police brutality.

The reactions to that peaceful protest were wide. Giants co-owner John Mara admitted to receiving mounds of mail from fans stating they would never attend a Giants game if any player on the team protested the National Anthem. At the time of the statement however, Kaepernick had the #17th highest-selling jersey. Murals were painted in California, while the NFL allegedly lost viewers.

Now the start of the season is vastly approaching and Kaepernick is scheduled to be a fan. Though a few teams have expressed interest, he has yet to work out with a team. It should have been an easy choice for the Jets to choose Kaepernick over Josh McCown. The teams that need a quarterback typically shy away from players that get a lot of attention off the field. Fans are closely watching Kaepernick and both sides of the fence are ready to protest.

Kaepernick has been training hard during the offseason and deserves at least a few snaps. Perhaps he is already primed for his comeback. He shouldn’t have to change his hair or peacefully protest in private to lace up for a shot at a new home.