Houston Texans Draft Preview; 2016 Schedule Released

With the NFL Draft set to begin on April 28th, let’s take a look at this year’s Houston Texans Draft Preview and schedule.

Houston Texans Draft Preview

Top Needs: Defensive End, Wide Receiver, Offensive Line, Tight End

Draft Picks: Round 1 (22), Round 2 (52), Round 3 (85), Round 4 (119), Round 5 (159), (166), Round 6 (195)

The Texans shocked many people last year by winning the AFC South and clinching a playoff birth. However, Brian Hoyer proceeded to throw everything to the opposing team (Kansas City Chiefs) in a blowout loss in the first round.

Well, Brian Hoyer is gone now and Brock Osweiler was brought in to take over the offense. Along with Osweiler, Lamar Miller was brought in from Miami. An offense already with an elite receiver in DeAndre Hopkins, looks to be even better moving forward, if Osweiler can put up the numbers to match his hefty contract. After Hopkins, however, there is not another receiver to really put pressure on defenses. That can be addressed in round 1.

Houston Texans Draft PreviewThere are four first-round-grade receivers this year who all can be a possibility for the Texans at 22 in round one. Laquon Treadwell, Josh Doctson, Corey Coleman and Will Fuller can all be available for the Texans if the draft goes there way. It then comes down to who is the top guy on their board. Speed runs the NFL, so don’t be surprised if the pick is either Coleman or Fuller who are both speedsters and can take the top off a defense. DeAndre Hopkins doesn’t boast elite speed so the Texans can use a guy to complement him and stretch out defenses.

The next two rounds can bring both a defensive lineman and offensive lineman. The biggest need on this team, defensive end, is likely to be addressed in the second round while offensive line can come in the third. A quality defensive end who has a day-two grade is Chris Jones from Mississippi State. After JJ Watt, the Texans could really Houston Texans Draft Previewuse some depth at the end position and Jones can fill that void nicely.

A couple names to keep an eye on in the third round are Caleb Benenoch from UCLA and Jerald Hawkins from LSU. Both offensive tackles are expected to go somewhere in the late second round to third round. With Duane Brown rehabbing from a torn quad muscle, the Texans can use some depth on the offensive line. A tight end is also a possibility in these rounds.

In the fourth and fifth rounds, look for the Texans to address a couple smaller needs. Another running back can be an option, along with a tight end if one hasn’t been taken by then. They can also grab a safety and more offensive line help. A center should be looked at for sure. Jack Allen, a center from Michigan State, has a fifth round grade on him and could be a possibility. We all know the Big Ten has been, and will continue to produce quality offensive linemen.

Houston Texans’ Schedule

Week 1: Sept. 11, Chicago Bears, 12:00

Week 2: Sept. 18, Kansas City Chiefs, 12:00

Week 3: Sept. 22, at New England Patriots (Thu), 7:25

Week 4: Oct. 2, Tennessee Titans, 12:00

Week 5: Oct. 9, at Minnesota Vikings, 12:00

Week 6: Oct. 16, Indianapolis Colts*, 7:30

Week 7: Oct. 24, at Denver Broncos (Mon), 7:30

Week 8: Oct. 30, Detroit Lions, 12:00

Week 9: BYE

Week 10: Nov. 13, at Jacksonville Jaguars, 12:00

Week 11: Nov. 21, at Oakland Raiders (Mexico City) (Mon), 7:30

Week 12: Nov. 27, San Diego Chargers, 12:00

Week 13: Dec. 4, at Green Bay Packers, 12:00

Week 14: Dec. 11, at Indianapolis Colts, 12:00

Week 15: Dec. 18, Jacksonville Jaguars, 12:00

Week 16: Dec. 24, Cincinnati Bengals (Sat), 7:25

Week 17: Jan. 1, at Tennessee Titans, 12:00

(Houston Texans Draft Preview)