NFL week 9 just concluded. Most teams have played 8 or 9 games already out of their 16 game season. Some teams are doing well. Records are falling left and right. But other teams are struggling, and fans are starting to wonder. Is it time to fire the coach?

While every coach knows his job is dependent upon the performance of the team, there are a few coaches that are probably starting to really be concerned about their jobs.

Who to Fire?

Let’s start with the obvious one – Hue Jackson of the Cleveland Browns. Jackson has been the head coach of the Browns for nearly 3 seasons now. His record in Cleveland? 3-36-1 which combines for a 0.088. If after 3 years with a team, you can’t get close to 0.500, it’s time for a change. Hue Jackson should definitely be the coach to fire at the end of the season.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We called that one.

Next up – Jason Garrett of the Dallas Cowboys. He’s been their head coach for 9 seasons now. At first glance, his record doesn’t look too bad 70-57 for a 0.551. But if you look at this season, his team is 3-4-0 for a 0.429. It might be time to fire Garrett and find someone who can produce.

Dirk Koetter of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers can’t be feeling secure about his job prospects either. With an overall record of 17-23-0, his overall win number is a 0.425, which is dismal enough. This season he’s 3-5-0 for a 0.375. Koetter should probably be polishing up his resume.

Last up on the firing line is a surprising one. Pete Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks fails to impress this year. Overall, in his 9 years with Seattle he’s amassed a 83-52-1 record for an impressive 0.614. But this season, Carroll has only managed to steer the team to a mediocre 4-4-0 – his lowest winning percentage since 2011. One might say he’s just having a bad year. But at age 67, you have to wonder if there are many more good years available.
It just might be time to fire Carroll and bring in a younger, more flexible regime.

There are certainly other coaches struggling this year. The question remains. Is it time to fire the coach – or does the team just muddle through? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.