We, as football fans, are used to a comeback story. Any former professional player, young enough to put on pads, is subject to a possible comeback.

Our lineup of potential comebacks, return to forms, or whatever you may call it contains your Robert Griffin IIIs, your Kaepernicks, and Tim Tebow.

Tebow still has some hype about him, despite trading in his shoulder pads for a baseball bat. He is climbing the minor leagues, making his rounds as a power hitter and an answer for the New York Mets woes.

The Comeback

Beast Mode

Former Seattle Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch took off a year, questioning a return to football. He has returned, but in the high powered AFC West in Black and Silver (Thats the Oakland Raiders for the uninitiated.) I’ll be watching, that’s for sure.

Comeback Suspects

Johnny Rehab

Johnny Manziel is calling NFL teams this offseason, because I doubt they call him. Two years removed from football, Manziel still dreams of a NFL comeback, despite major off-the-field controversies. I, uhh, don’t see a glimmer of hope for Johnny Football, as his two seasons with the Cleveland Browns remains 2-6 starting with 1600 yards passing, 7 TDs and 7 INTs.

Todd Football

Here’s a curveball. Todd Marinovich, the Robo Quarterback of USC fame, infamously made into a perfect machine for football. A youth that lacked processed food.

Truly, a life not lived, but aimed at Pro Football.

But, like most USC QBs not named Carson Palmer, he flopped. On top of that, substance abuse marred his career. A reformed Marinovich, after a stint as a coach in the World Development League, signed on to become the oldest starting pro quarterback for the SoCal Coyotes.