Eddie Lacy Talks Weight Loss and Change of Lifestyle

Eddie Lacy Talks Weight Loss

Eddie Lacy Talks Weight Loss

Green Bay Packers’ running back Eddie Lacy appeared to be lighter in weight around his midsection on Tuesday and according to reports, is very pleased with his results. Lacy showed off his new body during the teams first open activity of the year and told sources after practice, “I think I look good.”

The 240-pound player, who was called out by the coach for being 20-pounds heavier last season, was hounded for his weight and how it’s been affecting his plays. The coach told sources that Lacy “cannot play at the weight he was at last year” in reference to his flop from consecutive 1,100-yard seasons to 758 yards last season.

After returning to the offseason program in April, sources spoke on his appearance, having dropped 15 to 18 pounds, which at the time Lacy refused to discuss, but sources already picked up on the estimate to be “in the 240’s.” Lacy had been working on his weight with trainer Tony Horton and is believed to not be yet done shedding pounds as coach McCarthy spoke of his results.

“So far so good,” he stated. “I believe he’ll hit the target we’re all looking for when the lights come on.”


Lacy discussed his weight-loss process under the guidance of his P90X training. “It was different.” Lacy said. “Some things were harder than others. But at the end of the day, it’s all about the result. Whether it’s fun or not, you’ve just got to get it done.”

Eddie Lacy Talks Weight LossThe main key to his transformation was hardly his workouts alone, but his diet restrictions of booze and greasy food which had caused him to amount to his worst shape initially. Horton, who’s also the founder of P90X, spent two months training Lacy and told the press “The problem was caused because of a poor diet. That changed.”

In regards to the coach’s comments, Lacy preferred to play it cool and work towards his improvements.

“At the end of the day, we’re all grown men,” Lacy told sources. “Whether he calls me out, I just have to take care of that responsibility. You don’t get mad or [lash] out, or anything like that. You just take it as it is and make it go away.”

“I feel like I handled it well, and I held up my end of the bargain,” he added. “It’s a process. I’ve got to keep going and just keep hoping for the best.”

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