Ezekiel Elliott graces front pages as a nightclub incident gets pointed at the Dallas Cowboys running back. 

If I were a millionaire athlete, I don’t think I’d go out at all. Is it the sudden fortune and fame that leads players astray?

Dallas Police officers pieced the story together: Allegedly, a female of Zeke’s group was harassed by the victim. Zeke came to her aid, it got heated, and punches flew. Afterwards, the victim didn’t know who hit them.(I think it was Darren McFadden, he’s a Dallas running back too.) The NFL and Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones need answers.

As training camp begins, the off-the-field incidents aren’t necessary for a 13-3 Dallas Cowboys that hope to repeat that success. For all we know, this and potential issues might sink the Cowboys into another slump. That’s why JJ coddles his stars, but on the other end of the candle, welcomes well-known troublemakers onto his team.

In Dallas? Like Who?

Dez Bryant comes to mind. His current contract restricts his activities outside of practice. Dez Bryant went from broken home to broken home in his youth. In 2014, Dez, in a domestic dispute, assaulted his mother. (I just cringed.) Since then, Dez Bryant lives by these restrictions:

– A strict midnight curfew
– No Alcohol
– Strip Club and Nightclub visits pre-approved by Cowboys staff
– 2-a-week counseling sessions.

Dez Bryant is 28. If this were anyone else, I’d die laughing. I gotta admit, it works. But, shouldn’t Jerry “Daddy” Jones relax the grounding on his high-flying ADULT All-Pro Wideout? His contract is up soon, maybe Dez could negotiate to do the dishes, take out the garbage, and take Ms. Jones to the Rec Center instead of the vice ban.

Greg Hardy… ‘nuff said.

Drafted by the Carolina Panthers, Greg Hardy rose from a lowly sixth-round pick in 2010 to a 2012 sack machine. The Panthers franchise tagged Hardy with considerations for his pending domestic abuse case. A truly imposing beast of a man abused his ex-girlfriend, incurring the ire of Panthers Owner Jerry Richardson who let Hardy go.


Jerry Jones welcomed his with open arms, despite criticism from the public and media. The NFL levied a ten-game suspension,  but later reduced to four games by a arbitrator. Hardy racked up 6 sacks for the Cowboys but also terrorized Jason Garrett and the Cowboys sideline with his antics. The Dallas Cowboys did not resign him after the 2015 season. We haven’t seen the last of Greg Hardy, as he’s began training in MMA.

Jerry has no problem treating some of his players like children, and maybe he has to. Or maybe, it just takes one to know one.