Colin Kaepernick Happy To Be a Part of the San Francisco 49ers

Colin Kaepernick Happy

Colin Kaepernick Happy

After a disappointing season, Colin Kaepernick has claimed that he is back and happy to be playing for Chip Kelly again. Last season included trading rumors and injuries for the starting quarterback and he addressed them at the end of the mandatory mini-camp this week.

Kaepernick lead the 49ers to 2 consecutive NFC Championships and while his latest performances have been less than spectacular, Chip Kelly seems impressed with the new and improved Colin Kaepernick. He has claimed that it hasn’t been an “odd or awkward situation” since he’s been back and that it was just “a business aspect of football.”

His request to be traded was taken harshly by fans and teammates and for a while it appeared his time in red and gold were over.

While it might have just been a “business aspect,” it seemed like Kaepernick was feeling abandoned by his former coach (Jim Harbaugh) and coaching staff when he started the 2015 season. Now his tune has changed and he is more than excited to work with Chip and his coaching staff.


Although Colin Kaepernick has the potential to come back and be the player he was, or better, there are a few things he needs to work on. A member of the 2014 coaching staff mentioned that Kaepernick needed to improve his prediction. Kaepernick would only throw the ball when one of his teammates was visibly open, ultimately this led to him holding on to the ball too long and having to scramble. If he can change this and find a way to release the ball to where the receivers are going to be, he Colin Kaepernick Happyhas a real chance at coming back strong.

It has been mentioned that he will be competing against Blaine Gabbert for the position of starting QB, but it’s a challenge he’s willing to accept. Gabbert stepped in for Kaepernick last season and he seems to be a favorite for the position.

On Thursday, Kaepernick also addressed questions about his current relationship with his teammates. “For me, I have a great relationship with them and we’re all working hard to make sure we’re prepared to win this season.” After last season, rumors surfaced that other players were “turning” on him, but from Kaepernick’s recent response we can assume that any possible conflicts may have been resolved.

Colin Kaepernick is still awaiting confirmation from the 49er’s Medical Staff, but he sounds confident in his return. He suffered from 3 injuries during last season and has had plenty of time to heal.

He definitely has the potential to come back strong, but he will still need to prove his commitment to the team.

(Colin Kaepernick Happy)