Cleveland Browns Trade Number Two Pick to the Philadelphia Eagles

The Cleveland Browns trade number two pick to the Philadelphia Eagles, trading down in the draft. The Browns have been Cleveland Browns Trade Number Two Pickrumored to be looking to trade down, after not being impressed with the top quarterbacks in the draft.

With a roster as depleted as Clevelands’, the Browns need numerous skill position players and trading the number two pick to a team desperate for a top quarterback has given the Browns the ability to rebuild faster.

The Browns will be getting a haul of picks from the Eagles, who will either be drafting quarterbacks Jared Goff or Carson Wentz. This is by far the biggest trade the Eagles have made this season, after trading away numerous key players.

The Browns will be receiving the eighth overall pick, a third round pick (77th overall), and fourth round pick (100th overall). That is just in this year’s draft, the Browns will also be getting the Eagles first round pick next season, as well as a second round pick in 2018. The Browns will be giving up their fourth round pick in the exchange as well.

Which Team Gets the Better End of the Stick?

The Browns have done the most with what they could with their second overall pick, gaining three extra picks in exchange for moving six spots down in the draft.

Cleveland should not be in a rush to find the quarterback of the future, as former first round picks Brandon Weeden and Johnny Manziel have not worked out in recent years. It is smart for the Browns front office to focus on building a team, rather than grabbing the first quarterback.

The Eagles on the other hand have quarterbacks and will be paying them significant amounts the next two seasons. The front office seems to be reaching here, as they have Sam Bradford owed 35 million dollars over the next two seasons and back up Chase Daniel will be making over 3Cleveland Browns Trade Number Two Pick million on average the next three seasons. It seems like too much money to devote to quarterbacks and it is almost certain that they will be drafting another one by trading up.

The Eagles do not even get the opportunity to choose which player they will be grooming while Bradford starts under center. They will get whichever player the Rams do not select. The amount of draft picks given up for a player that is not up to them seems like a rash decision.

The Browns seem to have put themselves in a better position to obtain more players that can make an impact, something they desperately need, while the Eagles are taking a huge gamble that the quarterback that the Rams do not select will be worth the amount of picks given up. The Eagles gave up almost the same amount of picks that the Rams did, who moved up from the 15th pick to the first pick. The Eagles gave up three extra picks to move up six spots.

Either way, no one will know who won this trade until the smoke has cleared and we find out what kind of player either Carson Wentz or Jared Goff will be in the future.

(Cleveland Browns Trade Number Two Pick)